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| May 23, 2014

Some changes have taken place on The callsign database now fully supports secondary callsigns, i.e. ones that include a slash plus a modifier as either a prefix or a suffix to the primary call. This feature is available to all QRZ users and can be accessed by simply editing your callsign, or by using the My Account choice from the main QRZ menu. Users had asked for Logbook of the World integration and this is now available to all Logbook subscribers. It means that if you’re a Logbook of the World user you can push your QRZ logs directly to Logbook of the World with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. A Quick Start Guide for QRZ LoTW operations is available by typing LoTW Certificate Import Quick Start Guide into your favourite search engine.

NASA Television will broadcast pre-launch activities for the next three crew members flying to the International Space Station, followed by extensive live coverage of their launch and docking to the orbital laboratory, on 28 May. The astronauts will launch at 1957UTC. The crew is scheduled to dock less than six hours later. NASA TV launch coverage begins at 1900UTC at

The ARRL has announced that there is to be no change to the DXCC status of the Crimea area and the annexation does not lend Crimea status as a new DXCC entity. The Awards Committee concluded that a QSL with a callsign issued by Ukraine and showing the entity name as Ukraine counts as Ukraine, while a QSL with a callsign issued by Russia and showing the entity name as Russia counts as Russia. A QSL that satisfies neither condition does not count for either entity, the committee said.

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