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| April 25, 2014

A new nine-day International Air-ambulance Weekend event, IAW, has been announced by the new Amateur Radio Events Organisation. The inaugural event will commence on 27 September 2014 and is in support of the many air ambulance services around the world, particularly in the UK, that are funded by donations. More details on the event, it aims, and a form for free registration can be found at

At 0032 GMT on 25 April an X1.3-class solar flare occurred, causing an HF blackout on the Sun-facing side of the Earth. Reports say that a coronal mass ejection was also produced but is not heading towards Earth, so there is no chance of a corresponding geomagnetic storm.

Bletchley Park has been undergoing major restoration work funded by the National Lottery, and the upgraded facilities will be open from 12 May. Admission to the RSGB National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park has always been free to all but from 12 May RSGB Members will be able to download a voucher from the RSGB website that permits free entry to all the Bletchley Park Trust facilities.

A Multi-DF direction-finding competition is being held at Blake’s Wood in Danbury this afternoon, Sunday 27 April. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert, this is the event for you. There will be 10 transmitters to find, ranging from easy to seriously hard. Equipment and tuition are available. The event starts at 1pm and the last transmission is at 4pm. After the event participants will be heading to The Bell public house, 128 Main Road, Danbury CM3 4DT.

The ARRL Centennial station W1AW has been very busy since it first hit the airwaves, often running solid pileups. At present W1AW/1 is on the air from New Hampshire and W1AW/2 from New Jersey. Starting at 0000 on April 30, operation will shift to W1AW/1 in Connecticut and W1AW/7 in Nevada. These will be active until 2359z on May 6. More information on the ARRL Centennial QSO Party is online at

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