FUNcube-1 launch coming up

| November 8, 2013

Amateurs will be pleased to learn that AMSAT-UK’s FUNcube-1 satellite, which has a 70cm to 2m linear transponder and telemetry data transmitter, will be placed into orbit on 21 November. The satellite will be deployed approximately 16 minutes after lift-off and will extend its antennas and activate the transmitter 10 minutes later. The satellite will initially be in Safe Mode and will transmit its 1200bps BPSK telemetry signal at a power level of approximately 30mW. This is intended to be a very low power mode but should be easily heard and decodable by any station having a steerable Yagi with more than 9 or 10dBi gain. A circularly polarised array will provide the most reliable signals but linear antennas will also perform adequately.

Category: GB2RS Headlines