Pre-consultation on Ofcom licence review

| October 4, 2013

Paul Jarvis of Ofcom addressed the National Hamfest on 27 September with their thinking for the forthcoming Licence Review. He covered the reasons why the review was being undertaken and emphasised that it was not intended to be a radical change, but that the Licence Review was geared to be more explicit with regard to the wording of some of the existing clauses, on operational practice and to help extend the services available to Amateur Radio to encourage development of modern technologies. He explained that his workload and staffing meant that he would not be able to enter into general discussions on the likely topics prior to the consultation which is expected to begin at the end of the year. He did, though, stress that Ofcom were working with the RSGB as part of the pre-consultation preparation, and invited the RSGB to feedback general comments on the topics that he raised. To begin that process, two Litmus Tests have now commenced and all amateurs are invited to participate.

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