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| September 13, 2013

The August issue of the IARU Monitoring System newsletter reports it has already received reports from several countries about unlicensed operators using VHF FM handhelds in the 144MHz band. These include such wide ranging activities as taxi-nets in the Canary Islands, fishery operations in the Bay of Biscay and a number of undefined private users in Germany. The IARU Monitoring System asks that all radio amateurs to be aware of this situation. Additionally they should inform their relevant national authorities when this type of activity is encountered and to please log their reports of any amateur band intruders online at

GB3GV, the Leicestershire Repeater Group’s 23cm TV Repeater has had a 437MHz digital receiver installed thanks to the efforts of Peter, G8DKC and Nigel, M1NAS. Video from GB3GV is streamed to the internet and can be viewed at Further and the latest information on GB3GV can be obtained at

NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, KF5LJG is scheduled to launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft on September 25 to join his Expedition 37 crewmates aboard the International Space Station. While he’s aboard the ISS, he will install amateur radio video gear on the International Space Station. He received pre-flight training on how to commission the equipment.

G100RSGB, the special event callsign celebrating the RSGB Centenary, will be operated today and tomorrow by Mapperley and DARC in Langar using the 160m, 80m, 40m and 20m bands with CW, SSB and Data signals. Tuesday and Wednesday sees the callsign in the hands of Northants Communication Club running on the 6 to 160m bands with SSB and data signals. On Thursday, the 19th, Loughborough and DARC will be in Shepshed running HF and VHF with CW, SSB and Data. Friday and Saturday the callsign will be used during Railways on the Air in Chesterfield on the 80m, 40m, 20m and 6m bands as well as 2m to 23cm. Details of how to get your QSL card are on the RSGB website.

On 18 October 1924, the first radio communication contact between the UK and New Zealand took place between Cecil Goyder, G2SZ at Mill Hill School and Frank Bell, Z4AA in Shag Valley, South Island, New Zealand. The Radio Society of Great Britain, in partnership with groups of UK amateurs in the UK and New Zealand, invites participation in celebration of the 90anniversary of this event in October 2014 by recreating that original contact between the UK and New Zealand on the 80m band. For 2013, there will be activity preparing for the celebrations in 2014 and the special call GB2NZwill be active to stimulate the interest in celebrating the event from 5 to 25 October 2013. It is suggested that those with suitably equipped stations might like to join in the ‘dry run’ tests in October 2013 on 80m. Others may like to make contacts with New Zealand amateurs on the HF bands. See for full details.

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