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| August 30, 2013

GW100RSGB, the special event callsign celebrating the RSGB Centenary, will be operated today by Dragon ARC from Nebo, Amlwch with both HF and 2m stations using CW and SSB. Wednesday and Thursday sees Dragon ARC move to Bangor running the station on the 10 to 80m bands, again CW and SSB. Next Sunday, 8 September, the RSGB President, Bob Whelan, G3PJT, will run G100RSGB for a President’s Day operation from Comberton. This will count as a Region 9 operation. He will be operating on 40m running CW and SSB. Details of how to get your QSL card are on the RSGB website.

It is planned that the Orkney Wireless Museum amateur radio station, GB2OWM, will be in operation from its premises at Kiln Corner, Kirkwall between 5 and 11 September during the 23rd Orkney International Science Festival. Probable operating periods will be weekdays and Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4.30pm and Saturday morning between 10am and 12.30pm. Operation will be primarily on HF SSB. More information can be obtained from Bill, GM3IBU via email to

The RSGB Centenary Construction Competition is being held to encourage home construction, experimentation, design and innovation across the RSGB Membership. It aims to produce projects that show what radio amateurs can achieve and that RadCom can use in articles to encourage further home construction. Details of the competition are on the RSGB website and entrants have until the end of September to register their entry. Details of the prizes are also on the website.

The Voice of Russia has announced that it will cease its short wave radio service on 1 January 2014. The service is apparently closing due to government-mandated funding cuts. The Voice of Russia was known as Radio Moscow in the Cold War era but actually first took to the short wave bands back in 1922 with a single transmitter located in Moscow.

A number of years ago the RSGB introduced a free a dial-up internet service for members. As might be expected the service is now largely disused because many have moved to broadband. This service is now being discontinued. From 1 January 2014 web access and all other services provided through the service will cease to be active.

Hector, CO6CBF is looking for stations in the UK to try contacts with him on the FO-29 amateur radio satellite. Currently, when the satellite is in apogee, it has a big footprint that covers the UK and Cuba for a few minutes. Anyone wanting to try a FO-29 contact with Cuba should email Hector via

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