IARU planning for WRC 2015

| June 14, 2013

The International Amateur Radio Union is planning for the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference. There are a number of agenda items that impact Amateur and Amateur Satellite services. These include Agenda Item 1.1 to consider additional spectrum allocations to the Mobile Service on a Primary basis and identification of additional frequency bands for International Mobile Telecommunications and related regulatory provisions. Item 1.4 is to consider a possible new allocation to the Amateur Service on a secondary basis within the band 5250 to 5450kHz. Item 1.6.1 will look at possible additional Primary allocations to the Fixed-Satellite Service in the range between 10GHz and 17GHz in ITU Region 1. Item 1.18 will consider a Primary allocation to the Radiolocation Service for automotive applications in the 77.5 to 78.0GHz frequency band. Finally, Item 9.1.8 will consider the regulatory aspects for nano-satellites and pico-satellites as required by Resolution 757 passed at WRC 12.

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