New afternoon readings of news on 5MHz

| May 24, 2013

Now that the 5MHz Experiment has terminated, there have been several suggestions that the time and frequency of the 5MHz GB2RS news might be changed. Accordingly it has been decided to introduce a news reading at 4pm local time each Sunday on 5398.5kHz, which is 5kHz lower than the present busy frequency. As from and including today, each news reader will make a repeat reading at 4pm. The existing 12.30pm schedule will continue on the present frequency until the end of June. Thereafter the new schedule only will continue. It is hoped that the new time will result in reduced D-region absorption with better intra-UK propagation. The outcome of this change will be reviewed in April next year. In the meantime reception reports should be exchanged during the after-news nets, and may also be emailed to

Category: GB2RS Headlines