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| May 3, 2013

NASA mission to study electrical storms

A NASA funded sounding rocket mission will launch from an atoll in the Pacific in the next few weeks to help scientists better understand and predict the electrical storms in Earth’s upper atmosphere. These severe weather outbursts can interfere with satellite communication, the global positioning system and other space-based communications including some used by radio amateurs. The EVEX mission will consist of the launch two rockets from the Marshall Islands for a twelve minute information gathering journey through the equatorial ionosphere above the South Pacific. The twin spacecraft will measure events in two separate regions of the ionosphere to see how they work together to drive the ionosphere from placid and smooth to violently disturbed. The launch window for EVEX runs until 10 May. More on this propagation study mission is online at

RCF to hold Trustees meeting on 15 May

The Radio Communications Foundation will be holding a Trustees meeting on 15 May. The objectives of the charity are “to advance the education of the public in the science and practice of radio communication and electrical engineering and to promote the wider benefits to the public resulting from such education and training”. The Trustees welcome requests for funding for projects that are in line with these objectives. At its May meeting the Trustees will be looking specifically at smaller projects. If you have a project that you think would benefit from RCF funding and would qualify, then please send details of it to or by post to The Secretary, Radio Communications Foundation at RSGB HQ. If you are proposing or considering undertaking a major project requiring funding then please let the Secretary know so it may be considered at a later date. All decisions on whether to provide financial support are made by the Trustees and there is no certainty that any project proposed will receive funding.

RSGB Centenary Dinner booking deadline extended

Due to the demand for tickets, the RSGB Centenary dinner booking deadline has been extended. In addition to the after dinner speech by Prof Peter Cochrane, OBE, G3RVC, we can now announce that Steve Dean, a close up magician who will be familiar to regular Convention diners, will mix and mingle with guests during the early part of the dinner. He is a popular part of the RSGB Gala dinner at recent RSGB Convention and will add an interesting element to the event.

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