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| March 8, 2013

Advanced Exam March 2013

On 2 March, 54 candidates sat the Advanced Examination and 39 were successful. The next examination will be held on Thursday 2 May at 7pm. The closing date for applications is on 10 April. Congratulations to all those who were successful.

All digital modes now open to French amateurs

Pierre, F1SHS, President of Digital Radioamateur France, reports that all digital modes and experimentations are now possible for French amateurs. Until now, French radio amateurs had been banned from using digital modes such as D-Star. It is reported the new draft regulation was signed by the Minister on Wednesday morning, 6 March.

International Museums Weekend special event

The International Museums Weekend special event will take place on the double weekends of 15th & 16th June and 22nd & 23rd June. Radio amateurs are encouraged to participate in this event by setting up stations in their local museums. Organiser Harry, M1BYT, asks that all those intending to take part in the event should register their museum via the web form please, on the International Museums Weekend website

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