GB2RS News Script for 17 November 2013

| November 15, 2013

Download the GB2RS script for Sunday, 17 November 2013.

GB2RS News Script for Sunday, 17 November 2013 (9-page/61KB Word document)


Note to newsreaders

We received around 10 comments on the type style used in GB2RS.

Just over half said they read off a screen, with or without editing, and/or would like the size kept the same.

Less than a third of responders asked for an increase in type size.

One person pointed out that ctrl + mousewheel will usually change the size of on-screen text and another suggested changing to a serif font such as Bookman.

Given that the majority asked for the text to remain the same or said they edit on-screen to suit their own requirements, the script will remain unchanged for the time being.

One point that came up was whether it is permitted to make changes to the script.

Broadly speaking the script should be read as supplied, but common sense should prevail if there are obvious errors that we’ve missed.

Likewise, provided the original meaning and general tone is not altered, there is no objection to making small changes to aid readability.


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