Contest News – 14 February 2016

| February 12, 2016

The first of this year’s CQ Worldwide Worked All Prefix Contests is RTTY, which is held for the entire 48 hours this weekend ending at 2359 on the 14th. There are too many categories to list, so please check for more information. Using the 3.5 to 28MHz bands the exchange is signal report and serial number.

Another contest this weekend with numerous categories is the PACC, a Dutch contest. It’s a CW and SSB event ends its 24 hour run at 1200UTC today, the 14th. Using the 1.8 to 28MHz bands, the exchange is signal report, serial number and Dutch stations send their province code too.

On Tuesday the 1.3GHz UK Activity Contest takes place from 2000 to 2230UTC. Using all modes the exchange is the usual signal report, serial number and locator.

On Thursday it’s the CW leg of the 80m Club Championships running from 2000 to 2130UTC. The exchange is signal report and serial number.

The second 48 hour contest is the ARRL International DX, on the weekend of the 20th and 21st. Work the USA, contiguous 48 States, and Canada only, giving them a signal report and your transmit power. US or Canadian stations give a signal report and their state or province code. This is the CW leg of the event; the SSB leg takes place next month.

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