Contest News – 5 April 2015

| April 2, 2015

Sunday, the 5th, the first RoPoCo contest takes place from 1900 to 2030UTC. Using SSB on the 3.5MHz band you send a signal report plus, for your first QSO, your own full postcode. In subsequent QSOs you send the postcode that you received in each of your previous QSOs. Should you receive a postcode that is obviously corrupted, which is not unusual, pass it on as received. This contest is all about logging accuracy and as long as you aren’t the person who introduces the error you won’t lose points. Bear in mind that some Continental postcodes also creep into the proceedings. This is a surprisingly challenging contest, with the same power limit for everyone—100 watts.

Also on 5 April the first 70MHz contest runs from 0900 to 1200UTC. Using all modes on the band the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator.

The first of this year’s SP DX Contests ends its 24 hour operation at 1500UTC Sunday, the 5th. The modes in this one are CW and SSB on the 1.8 to 28MHz bands. Only contacts with SP stations count for points. Send a signal report and expect to receive a signal report and single-letter province code, with 16 to collect. There are lots of sections, mostly for single-op stations.

The CW leg of the 80m Club Championships takes place on 6 April from 1900 to 2030UTC. The exchange is the usual signal report and serial number.

The IRTS 2m Counties Contest takes place on Easter Monday afternoon, the 6th, from 1300 to 1500UTC. The exchange is signal report and serial number with EI and GI stations also sending their county.

On 12 April the first 50MHz Contest runs from 0900 to 1200UTC. Using all modes the exchange is signal report, serial number, locator and postcode.

The Worked All Britain Data contest takes place next Sunday, 12 April, from 1200-2200UTC. This is on 3.5, 7 and 14MHz bands and the exchange is signal report, serial number and WAB square. Entries need to be with the contest manager by 3rd May. Full details of the rules and logsheets may be obtained from the WAB website.

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