Towards a new RAYNET

| October 25, 2014

For 60 years, RAYNET groups have been offering the community a unique service — emergency communications independent of infrastructure which is vulnerable to disruption by natural causes or technological failure.  The leadership of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network (RAEN) believe there are considerable benefits to there being one RAYNET organisation. This is also the view of many RAYNET Group members. Not only would it improve service to the community, it would benefit the interests and the image of Amateur Radio as a whole.  The Board of the RSGB and the Committee of Management of RAEN have agreed to the formation of a Joint Working Group to facilitate a closer working relationship between the two organisations. It will also explore ways in which RAYNET could become a single, unified body that would support and co-ordinate the work of all groups and members.

The Joint Working Group welcomes any constructive comments and suggestions. Please send them by email to or speak to the Chairman of RSGB’s Emergency Communications Committee or the Chairman of The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network. For more information about the announcement please contact either of the following:

Peter Thomson GM1XEA
Emergency Communications Committee Chairman,
Radio Society of Great Britain

Cathy Clark G1GQJ
The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network

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