Legacy Sub-Committee

| September 4, 2014

The RSGB Legacy Fund exists due to the generosity of donors. The Legacy Sub-Committee, with its three trustees, works with the Board to consider proposals for its use. The scope for proposals is deliberately wide. Highest priority is given to projects focused on taking our hobby forward into the future. In particular we welcome proposals for

  • the training and development of Members and potential Members to foster enthusiasm in our hobby and its continued success.
  • technical and scientific support for continued development of amateur radio and its survival in an increasingly competitive environment.

Information about projects recently agreed is here

If you have a project you would like to be considered, you are very welcome to discuss it informally with one of the sub-committee trustees. We are looking for projects that help to develop and grow amateur radio. Priority is given to those that have benefit across the hobby – not just for a small group. Legacy funding is certainly not an easy way to get a new club transceiver! We also need to be confident projects will be well managed with clear objectives. After initial discussion, you will need to put down your plans on a proposal form. That allows those considering it to see what it is about and whether it meets the criteria. Final decisions rest with the RSGB Board on the recommendation of the Legacy Sub-Committee. Its three trustee members are Nick Henwood, G3RWF, Ian Shepherd, G4EVK and David Hicks, G6IFA. Nick, G3RWF is Chairman and also the corresponding member from whom you can get a proposal form, via email to nhenwood77@gmail.com

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