Ayrshire clubs are keeping in touch

| March 30, 2020

The Ayr Amateur Radio Group (AARG) and the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club (KLARC) have both organised 2m ‘on the air’ nights on their normal club nights – on Tuesdays for KLARC and on Fridays for AARG. They share a daily net most days at 10:00hr on 145.450Mhz. Members from both clubs join each other’s nets. They also have a morning get-together every day for all Ayrshire amateurs on 145.450Mhz and that channel is monitored all day in case anyone needs help.

In addition to looking out for one another on the air, one of the clubs’ younger members has also offered to run chores for older members during these weeks of self-isolation.

Len Paget, GM0ONX
RSGB Company Secretary

Category: CV-Support