Why on earth does the RSGB need a Strategy?

| May 15, 2017

Why don’t you just ‘get on with it’?

This is a question that has been asked of Board members in the last few weeks since we published the Strategy. As the newly-elected Board Chair, let me try and answer the question.

Every organisation needs a Strategy to know where it should focus its efforts and resources. The world of amateur radio is constantly developing so it was time to review the previous Strategy, which was produced by the Interim Board in 2012.

The Society’s focus affects both Members and non-members and the Strategy is more than just a ‘tick box’ exercise. It is there to ensure that the Society is moving with the times and listening to its Members.

What was the response to the Strategy consultation?

We had more than 500 responses to the draft Strategy consultation from both Members and non-members. The majority of the comments were very constructive and a few changes have been made as a result of that consultation process. One recurring theme of the feedback was ‘representation’. We are a Membership-based Society that represents all UK radio amateurs at national and international level so it is appropriate that representation should feature in our Strategy.

• 91% agreed with the draft purpose • 92% agreed with the values
• 94% agreed with the goals
• 86% agreed with the priorities

• 94% had confidence that the RSGB is heading in the right direction

So what happens next?

Simply publishing the Strategy is not enough. The Society now has to ensure that what it does ts with the goals, values and priorities outlined in the Strategy. All of the RSGB’s Committees and Honorary Of cers, as well as the Regional Team, have been asked to review their projects and priorities to check they are focusing on the right things. They may need to make a few changes to t with the new Strategy, but that will only become clear when they reply to HQ by the end of June and the Board has a chance to look through their priorities. We’ll highlight some of those projects in future RadCom issues and across all our communication channels so you can see what is happening.

The Strategy was launched in a presentation by Steve Hartley, G0FUW at the AGM in Cardiff and the next major update for Members will be at the RSGB Convention at Kents Hill in Milton Keynes in October. I am delighted that Steve has agreed to be co-opted to the Board for six months to ensure that we retain the right focus as we move to more detailed planning.

Why should RSGB Members be interested?

Amateur radio has many facets and the Society tries very hard to represent all of them. In fact, going back to the question at the very beginning, the ‘it’ in “get on with it” tends to refer to the aspect of amateur radio that the questioner is usually most interested in! However, the RSGB is the sum of its 21,000 Members and this is your strategy, not the Board’s strategy. If you will support the Strategy, we can work together to ensure that amateur radio continues to develop and grow in the future.

Graham Murchie, G4FSG
RSGB Board Chairman

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