WRC-15 – Day-13, A New Band…

| November 20, 2015

ITU WRC-15Lucky 13!  – for the amateur service, as Agenda Item 1.4 (5 MHz) passed the final two readings without any comment whatsoever. Although the 15kHz that has been agreed at ITU level is a very small international allocation, this is the first new allocation to the amateur services at HF since the WARC of 1979.

Future Items: Committee-6 meets tomorrow morning, though the agenda does not show any discussion regarding future agenda items. There is fierce competition to be included on the WRC-19 agenda and the amateur radio services are way down the order of priorities.

However as the proposal for 50-54 MHz alignment was made by two Regional Telecommunications Organisations (CEPT and the Arab Group) there may be some hope of inclusion.

Meanwhile discussions regarding spectrum for space operations with smallsats continue, currently without any sign of completion.

Colin, G3PSM

NB: Further background and updates are at rsgb.org/wrc-15 and in our news


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