WRC-15 – Day-10 – end of Week-2

| November 16, 2015

ITU WRC-15A quiet day in comparison to recent days saw progress for a number of amateur service associated agenda items.

Future Proposals (AI-10): The 50 MHz proposal that was approved at drafting group level suffered a minor setback when presented to working group 6B. Iran insisted that a footnote concerning their usage of frequencies at 50 MHz in Region 3 should be included in the proposal. An ad-hoc gathering of delegates from China, IARU, Iran, Israel, Korea and the Russian Federation swiftly edited the proposal ready for submission early next week.

Unfortunately in order to progress the 50 MHz proposal, it was necessary to withdraw the proposal for harmonisation of 1.8-2 MHz. However it was suggested that it could be considered for the 2023 conference.

Agenda Item 1.18 (77 GHz): The  proposal received its final reading and approval adding the following footnote to the Radio Regulations –

5.A118 The use of the frequency band 77.5-78 GHz by the radiolocation service shall be limited to short-range radar for ground-based applications, including automotive radars. The technical characteristics of these radars are provided in the most recent version of Recommendation ITU R M.2057. The provisions of No. 4.10 do not apply. (WRC 15)

Agenda item 1.12 (10 GHz): This is still ongoing with three options for wider frequency usage by earth monitoring satellites, including one of No Change (NOC) on the table.

Other Future Items: Meanwhile we continue to monitor the bid by industry to grab more amateur spectrum for 5G technology at 10 and 47 GHz, and spectrum at 5 GHz for Wireless LANS (Wireless Access Systems).

Colin, HB9/G3PSM

NB: Further background and updates are at rsgb.org/wrc-15 and in our news


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