WRC-15 – Days 8 and 9

| November 12, 2015

ITU WRC-15Finally a little progress!…

5MHz: An allocation at 5351.5-5366.5 kHz was agreed with regional variations in power between 15 W eirp/20 W eirp and 25 W eirp. In Region 1 this equates to a power output of 60 W. This was passed up to the next stage to Committee 4B where it was approved with minor changes to which geographical areas have what power limits. The next stage is for approval by Committee 4 which should take place on Monday and finally by a plenary meeting next Wednesday. While not an ideal solution, it has at least obtained an international allocation across all three Regions which is common or close to a number of national assignments. Everyone is equally unhappy, which is usual for a World Radio Conference.

Agenda Item 1.18 (77 GHz): This is complete and has been passed through the Committee 4 stage. While not quite the solution wanted by CEPT, it should have little or no impact on the amateur service.  on

Agenda Item 1.12 (10 GHz): Discussions are also near completion, with a benign result also likely.

Future Proposals: In the meantime ad-hoc group 6B4 dealing with future agenda items including the 1.8 MHz and 50 MHz harmonisation proposals met twice and the joint European/Arab Group 50 MHz proposal was elevated to Working Group 6B without dissension. Discussions regarding the 1.8 MHz harmonisation continue.

Monitoring of discussions regarding candidate bands for future IMT (5G) requirements will continue as both 10 GHz and 47 GHz amateur bands are included.


Colin, G3PSM

NB: Further background and updates are at rsgb.org/wrc-15 and in our news


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