Harjeeth, M7MOH – nine years old

| September 2, 2021

Harjeeth Singh, M7MOH is nine years old and lives in Peterborough. He passed his Foundation licence exam at the end of June 2021.

He explains how he became interested in amateur radio:

“The first time I found out about electromagnetic waves was from a comic book about an Indian scientist called Jagadis Chandra Bose who transmitted waves from one room and received the signal wirelessly in another room by using a receiver. I was interested to know more about wireless technology so my Dad bought me an electronics kit and then an AM/FM Radio construction set.

I wanted to know more so he told me about the amateur radio Foundation licence. I wanted to do it because I like things about space and technology. I used the Foundation Licence manual, the Essex Ham online training course as well as modules from GM6DX. There are lots of useful resources on the RSGB website.

I felt a bit scared during the exam in case I would get a question wrong as this was the first exam that I have ever done. I was so happy to pass and my Mom and Dad were proud that I achieved the Foundation Licence.

Thank you everyone at RSGB. I am looking forward to joining a local radio club as well as learning more so that I can get the Intermediate licence.

My school doesn’t have an amateur radio club and I don’t know any young radio amateurs but it would be great if I could talk to my friends on the radio too.”

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