New RSGB volunteering film

| February 19, 2016

Over 1,000 Members volunteer for the RSGB in a wide variety of roles.

What motivates them and what do they get out of it?

Find out from the RSGB’s new video at—also on our YouTube channel.

If you’d like an offline copy to show at your club, please contact us or download the video from our website (3min 26sec/40MB MP4 video).

In the video Andy Roberts, M0GYK, Diana Smith, M6FIO and Graham Parry, G7OSR explain why they enjoy volunteering at the National Radio Centre.

So if you’ve got some spare time, would like to help others within the amateur radio community, or would like to shape the future of the hobby, watch the video then take a look at the volunteering section on our website—see what inspires you!

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