National Radio Centre opening times

| December 18, 2015

The RSGB’s National Radio Centre, at Bletchley Park museum, will be closed from 24 December until 5 January inclusive.

The RSGB would like to take the opportunity to thank the volunteers for their time and effort throughout the year.

Bletchley Park itself is open to visitors daily except 24, 25 and 26 December and 1 January.

There is a new exhibit in Hut 8, The Petard Pinch, telling the incredible story of the capture of crucial Enigma codebooks.

These enabled Bletchley Park to break back into the German naval Enigma network codenamed Shark, following a devastating 10-month blackout.

RSGB Members are entitled to free entry to Bletchley Park on production of a voucher that can be downloaded after logging into the Membership Services portal at

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