YOTA UK Sub-Committee, 5 January 2015

| January 6, 2015

Present: Rachel Landragin (Chairman) [RL] , James Thornhill [JT] , William Davies [WD], Rebecca Hughes [RH], Mike Jones (Youth Coordinator – ex officio)

Apologies: Steve Hartley (Board Member – ex officio)

All members will be referred to by initials [**]

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MJ opened the meeting and passed the meeting to RL to chair.


All sub-committee members are full members of the Youth Committee

RL – Chairman of the YOTA UK working group, will be managing the UK YOTA this year.

JT – Link with Silcoates school, the venue for this year.

MJ – Responsible officer for the RSGB, ex-officio role.

SH – Advise when needed as to last years activities, ex-officio role.

RL thanked everyone for attending.

Possible dates were discussed and the committee agreed 11 & 12 April 2015.

Possible venues were discussed and the committee agreed Silcoates School as the venue for this year. RL thanked Silcoates for offering to host the event.

JT mentioned that at least 20 people from Silcoates would be in attendance

Different plans for accommodation were looked at. The committee agreed the easiest thing to do would be to let young people sort their own accommodation out and the group will produce a sheet that goes to all participants with local venues that they are able to stay at. However it was noted that some members thought camping would be a good idea.

A letter needs to be sent out to all members inviting them. MJ to send letter to all young members inviting them, letter to be merged with other YOTA events. MJ to send letter to SH, Communications Manager & General Manager for proofing.

The committee would like to apply to Ofcom for GB1YOTA special callsign. The committee also expressed an interest in having a club call for the Youth Committee, which was discussed last meeting. MJ to liaise with HQ.

RSGB tops with some custom printed was wanted for members to be able to purchase. MJ to liaise with HQ.

Potential Activities:

AREEF (ARDF but Easter Egg Finding)


Intermediate exam

SDR/Digital modes



Antenna building

Satellite working

Morse code

Contest for young people to make most contacts

VFO calibration

The committee would like to see if any commercial firms would be interested in supporting this event. MJ to liaise with General manager.

Leaders. The committee discussed various options for the leaders and would like to involve the Camb hams in this.

MJ to invite the Camb Hams to come along, as they were popular at the event last year.


JT to draft up some form of QSL card for the event. MJ to keep social media updated and to invite the TX Factor

RL Closed the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.

Next meeting – Monday 26 January 2015, 7:00 via Skype.


Rachel Landragin, 2E0RHL: YOTA UK Sub-Committee Chairman & Youth Committee Member

Michael Jones, 2E0MLJ: Youth Committee Chair & Leadership Team Member

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