Dragon Amateur Radio Club and North Wales Radio Society running SES GB0GIG

| May 8, 2020

Dragon Amateur Radio Club and North Wales Radio Society are collaborating to run the special event station GB0GIG (Gwasanaeth Iechyd Gwladol), which is Welsh for National Health Service.

The aim of the station is to thank all the NHS workers in Wales for their strength and hard work in tackling the Covid–19 pandemic and also to keep in touch with fellow amateurs in ‘lock down’ whilst promoting the Radio Society of Great Britain ‘GOTA2C – Get On The Air 2 Care’ campaign.

The station will be active on HF, VHF and UHF using as many modes as possible, as often as possible from 1-28 May, being operated from the homes of club members.

Thanks to the United Kingdom’s telecommunications agency Ofcom, we have been given the unique permission to allow Foundation and Intermediate licence holders to run the station without direct physical supervision and they will run the call sign with their permitted power levels of 10 and 50 Watts. Therefore if the signal is a little weaker than you may expect have patience and I am sure they will work you!

To encourage amateurs around the UK and whole world to make contact with GB0GIG, we have produced an award certificate for you to collect.
Bronze – 2 contacts
Silver – 4 contacts
Gold – 6 contacts
Platinum – 10 or more contacts.

These contacts can be made on any band or even all on the same band.

We hope to update a Log Book of the World account every day or two, so you can track your progress.

Finally, we find ourselves in a very difficult situation and some of us may be fed up being at home, so please do join in and listen out for GB0GIG to thank our healthcare workers!

Full details of the call and awards scheme can be found on QRZ.COM at GB0GIG.

Simon Taylor MW0NWM
Secretary, Dragon Amateur Radio Club

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