News for England South-East – 29 January 2023

| January 27, 2023

The Online Radio Club has a virtual radio club night at 7.30pm every Thursday via Zoom. It is suitable for all radio enthusiasts regardless of individual skill level. Go to the website for the meeting link.

Ham Radio Network has a talk on the theme of An Evening with… on Monday. See the website for information.

On Wednesday, Bishop’s Stortford Amateur Radio Society has its net from 8pm on 145.5625MHz. Visit the website for further details.

On Sundays, Bracknell Amateur Radio Club holds a net via GB3BN at 5pm. On Wednesday there will be a net on 145.375MHz FM from 8pm.

On Tuesday, Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society will have its club net on GB3BZ from 8pm.

On Wednesday, Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society is holding a net at 9pm, starting on 145.500MHz, before changing frequency. Andy, G4WGZ, 01689 878 089

Burnham Beeches Radio Club has its net from 10.30am on Sundays, starting on 145.500MHz before changing frequency. Greg, G4EBY,

Bury St Edmunds Amateur Radio Society has club nets every day of the week except Sunday. Visit the website for information.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society has a CW net at 8pm on 144.060MHz on Sundays. On Monday there is a Morse class from 7.30pm around 3542kHz, followed at 8.15pm by GB2CW slow Morse on 3555kHz. On Tuesday, the club has an open net around 1950kHz from 8pm. Thursday sees a Morse class via Skype at 7pm and the start of a fast-track Foundation licence training course at Danbury village Hall. Colin, G0TRM,

On Wednesday, Chesham and District Amateur Radio Society will be holding a net via GB3TU from 8pm. Malcolm, G3ZNU, 01494 890 840

Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club has a meeting from 7.30pm at Kington Langley Village Hall on Tuesday. Brian, G6HUI, 0772 224 2741

The Cray Valley Radio Society will be running a two-day face-to-face Foundation licence course on Saturday 4 and Saturday 11 February, with a paper exam on the second Saturday. A few places remain available on a first-come, first-served basis. Located in Eltham London SE9, the course will also provide practical advice and instruction to assist candidates in setting up a station. For the online application form, please go to and open the training tab.

On Wednesday, Crystal Palace Radio and Electronics Club will be holding a net on 145.525MHz from 8pm. There will be a club meeting on Friday. On Saturday, the club will be holding a net on 51.55MHz from 8pm. Damien, 0790 024 2541

On Sundays, Darenth Valley Radio Society holds a net on 145.475MHz at 8am. There will be another net on Wednesday, on the same frequency, at 8pm. Phil, M0IMA,

Dorking and District Radio Society has a daily net each day from Monday to Saturday on 144.775MHz FM at 10am. The Sunday net takes place at 8.15am on 3.772MHz SSB. Sue, M6XUV,

Essex Ham has a net on Monday via GB3DA from 8pm with chatroom and audio feed at Pete, M0PSX,

On Sundays, Farnborough and District Radio Society has a net via GB3FN from 8pm. On Monday the net moves to 1.995MHz from 8pm. Friday sees another net on 144.675MHz FM from 8pm. Mel, M0JMR,

Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.400MHz at 10am today and next Sunday. On Monday, at 8pm, the club will be meeting at the Foxhall DEB building to talk about HF Operating Basics with Mark, M5BOP. Tuesday sees a CW net around 144.070MHz from 7pm.The local keep-in-touch net via GB3IH is at 7.30pm on Wednesday. Mark, M5BOP,

Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has its Bramble net from 7.30pm with the Isle of Wight Radio Society via GB3IW and via Zoom on Tuesday. Thursday sees an open net on 145.275MHz at 7.30pm moving to GB3SH at 8pm. Rod, G4SPS,

Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.425MHz from 7.30pm on Wednesday. On Friday the club is meeting from 8pm. Visitors and new members are welcome.

On Monday, Horndean and District Amateur Radio Club has a net at 7.30pm around 1950kHz. The net moves to 145.375MHz at 7.30pm on Wednesday. Visit the website to find out more.

On Thursday, Horsham Amateur Radio Club will be meeting to discuss the Kennedy Space Centre with Adrian, G4LRP. You can find out more on the website

Loughton and Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society has nets on Wednesday from 8pm on Brandmeister DMR Talk Group 23511 and 70.475MHz FM. Thursday sees a net from 8pm on 144.725MHz FM. On Friday there is a Zoom meeting. Visit the website to find out more.

Lowestoft District and Pye Amateur Radio Club has a net on Sundays on 433.575MHz from 8pm. There is a club meeting and Morse training on Monday from 7.30pm. Tuesday sees a net on 145.475MHz from 8pm. The club meets on Thursday evening from 7.30pm. The final net of the week is on Friday on 51.490MHz from 8pm.

Medway Amateur Receiving and Transmitting Society nets take place each weekday from 9.30am on 144.650MHz. Roger, G0NRL,

On Monday, Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society will be meeting to talk about Arduino Coding for Beginners. On Wednesday, the club net is on 28.4MHz at 8pm. At 10.30am on Friday, there will be a club coffee and chat on Zoom. Brendan, G8IXK, 07803 192604

Next Saturday, the 4February, Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society will be starting a two-day Foundation licence training course.

Norfolk Amateur Radio Club has a net via GB3NB every Monday from 7.30pm. This is followed by a CW net on 3.543MHz at 8.30pm. The club will be meeting on Wednesday from 7pm for an evening of conversation, informal demonstrations and workshops. Chris Danby, G0DWV, 01603 898 308,

On Thursday, Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society will be watching a video about surface-mount devices. David, G8UOD, 01234 742 757

Silverthorn Radio Club will be holding a club meeting on Friday from 8pm.

On Wednesday, Southdown Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.275MHz at 8.30am, a cafe meeting at 12.30pm, a net via GB3ZX at 2pm and a CW net on 144.060MHz at 7pm. Tom, 2E0ONX, visit the website for further information.

Surrey Radio Contact Club has a net today and next Sunday on 1.905MHz at 9.30am. On Monday there will be a net on 3.710MHz at 9.30am. On Tuesday, there is a net on 51.55MHz. Wednesday sees a net on 28.078MHz JS8 from 10am. On Thursday, the net is on 70.30MHz from 8pm. Friday sees a D-Star net on 144.6125MHz from 7.30pm and on 145.350MHz from 8pm. John, G3MCX, 020 8688 3322

On Friday, Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club will have a net near 145.500MHz FM from 7pm. Sebastian, 2E0FZS,

West Kent Amateur Radio Society has a net on Sundays at 11am on 28.730MHz SSB. On Monday there is a net on 145.375MHz at 8pm. On Wednesday at 8pm there will be a net on 51.51MHz FM before changing mode to SSB. The club Meeting at Bidborough on the 13 February will now be a Video Evening on Propagation and then Kite Aerials on DVD, with the talk on Digital modes postponed until the Autumn. Phil, G3MGQ,

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