News for England South-East – 12 September 2021

| September 10, 2021

Burnham Beeches Radio Club has a club net from 10.30am usually ending on 145.275MHz on Sundays.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society has a CW net on Sundays from 8pm on 144.060MHz. On Monday there is a Morse class from 7.30pm around 3542kHz, followed at 8.15pm by GB2CW slow Morse on 3555kHz. Tuesday sees the net move to GB3DA at 8pm. On Thursday at 7pm there is a Morse class via Skype.

Hastings Radio and Electronics Club has a net on Sundays from 11am on 144.575MHz. There are nets Monday to Friday at 10am on 145.575MHz. Monday also sees a CW net on 3.563MHz from 8pm, accompanied by a voice net on 145.275MHz.

Felixstowe & District Amateur Radio Society is operating GB4MH today at the Classic car and Military Vehicle Meet. On Tuesday there is an open CW net from 7pm on 144.070MHz. there is an open net on Sundays on 145.400MHz from 10am. Paul, G4YQC,

On Monday Edgware & District Radio Society has a net from 9pm, starting on 145.500MHz FM, moving to around 1988kHz at 9.30pm. Thursday sees a net on 144.310MHz SSB from 9pm. Click here for information.

South Essex Amateur Radio Society is running a special event today at Rayleigh Windmill. There is a net on 145.324MHz from 3.30pm on Monday to Friday. On Tuesday the club talk is An essential guide to LOG4OM by Toni, G0JYI. Terry, G1FBW, 0798 607 0040.

Essex Ham has a net on GB3DA from 8pm on Monday, with a chatroom and audio feed via

Hog’s Back Amateur Radio Club has a natter night and CW practice on Monday at Crondall Scout Centre, GU10 5RG. Ray, G4LUA, 0118 981 4174.

Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has an open net on Monday from 8pm on 145.275MHz, moving to GB3SH at 8.30pm. On Friday there is an open net at 7pm on 433.450MHz, moving to GB3IW at 7.30pm for a joint net and parallel Zoom with the IOW Radio Society. Rod, G4SPS,

On Monday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club has a net on GB3NB from 7.30pm and a CW net from 8.30pm. Click here for information.

Bromley & District Amateur Radio Society a net on Wednesday from 8.30pm, usually settling around 145.400MHz. Andy, G4WGZ, 01689 878 089.

Bishop’s Stortford Amateur Radio Society has a net on Wednesday from 8pm on 145.5625MHz. Click here for information.

Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society has a net on GB3TU at 8pm on Wednesday. Malcolm, G3ZNU, 01494 890 840.

Crystal Palace Radio & Electronics Club has a net on Wednesday from 8pm around 145.525MHz. Saturday sees a net on 51.55MHz from 8pm. Damien, 2E0EUI, 0790 024 2541.

Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society has nets on Wednesdays from 8pm on Brandmeister DMR TG23511 and 70.475MHz FM. Thursdays sees a net from 8pm on 144.725MHz FM. On Friday there is a Zoom meeting. Click here for information.

Surrey Radio Contact Club has a net on Tuesday on 51.55MHz at 8pm, and then on Wednesday from 10am on 28.078MHz. On Thursday there’s a net on 70.30MHz at 8pm. Friday sees a D-Star net on 144.6125MHz at 7.30pm, followed by an FM net on 145.350MHz at 8pm. John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Southdown Amateur Radio Society has nets on Wednesday on 145.275MHz FM from 8.30am, via GB3ZX from 2pm and a CW net on 144.060MHz from 7pm. There is also a café meeting at 12.30pm on Wednesday. Click here for information.

Whitton Amateur Radio Group meets on Friday from 8pm, with a simultaneous Jitsi video conference. Ian, G0OFN, 0795 620 3495.

Bredhurst Receiving & Transmitting Society has a net on Thursday from 8pm via GB3DA.

Medway Amateur Receiving and transmitting Society has an outdoor meeting at 2pm on Thursday at Capstone Park. There is also an outdoor meeting at the club QTH at 7pm on Friday. Daily nets take place Monday to Saturday at 9.30am on 144.650MHz. Steve, G4HJE, 0795 662 8432.

Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society has a meeting on Thursday entitled, What did you do in lockdown? Numbers are limited to 25, so if you intend visiting the club, please let David, G8UOD know via email to Details available here.

Cray Valley Radio Society has a hybrid Zoom meeting on Thursday. There is a net on 145.350MHz from 10am on Sundays. Dave Lee, G8ZZK, 0773 954 9822.

Silverthorn Radio Club has a club meeting Friday at 8pm. Colin, 2E1FQE, 0797 335 0421.

Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club is operating GB2BBB until the 20th. On Friday there is a net starting at 7pm on 145.500MHz. Iain, G4JMM,

Harlow & District Amateur Radio Society has a meeting from 8pm on Friday. Visitors are welcome. Gary,

On Friday Thames Amateur Radio Group has net via GB3DA from 8pm.

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