News for England South-East – 5 January 2020

| January 3, 2020

We start with clubs that have more than one event this week.

Burnham Beeches Radio Club has a club net this Sunday and next Sunday from 10.30pm, initially on 145.500MHz then QSY to 145.275MHz. On Monday there’s a session planning for future meetings and the DX Picnic. Contact Greg, G4EBY, via email to

Colchester Radio Amateurs has a net this Sunday from 7pm on 50.225MHz USB. On Monday there’s a CW net from 9.30pm on 144.163MHz. Tuesday sees nets from 7pm on 433.425MHz FM, then 1.920MHz LSB from 7.45pm, followed by a CW net from 9.30pm on 144.163MHz. On Wednesday there’s a net from 7pm on 145.350MHz FM and Friday sees a net on 3.685MHz LSB from 7pm. More info from Garry, M0MGP, on 0774 031 8521.

Radio Society of Harrow has the shack open from 10am to 3pm this Sunday, Thursday and next Sunday. Tuesday sees a breakfast meeting from 9.30am at Carpenters Park Garden Centre. On Friday it’s the club night from 8pm at Blackwell Hall. Details from Linda, G7RJL via email to

Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club has a net on 3.712MHz from 7.30am this Sunday and next Sunday, plus the monthly breakfast meeting from 9am this Sunday. On Monday there’s a net from 7.30pm on 145.425MHz and Tuesday sees a club night. For details, email

Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has an open net on Monday from 8pm on 145.275MHz. Friday sees an open net from 7.30pm on 433.450MHz, moving to GB3IW. Details from Rod, G4SPS, via email to

Hilderstone Radio Society is running an activity week from Monday until next Sunday, operating GB1RNLI at RNLI Margate. Thursday sees a club night. For details, email

Peterborough and District Amateur Radio Club has a net on Monday from 8pm on 1.980MHz ± QRM. Tuesday sees a net from 8pm on 145.400MHz. Wednesday sees a natter night. For details, email

Southdown Amateur Radio Society has a talk on Monday from 8pm at ESSC by Rob Thornton, G4JCY Masking Beams in WWII. Wednesday sees a net from 8.30am on 145.275MHz; a Hailsham shack meeting at 10.30am; a cafe meeting at 12.30pm and a CW net from 7pm on 144.060MHz. For details, see

Essex Ham runs the Essex YL Net on GB3DA from 8pm on Tuesday. Thursday sees the club net on GB3DA from 8pm, with chatroom and audio feed at For details, email

Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club has its SSTV net on Tuesday from 7.30pm on 144.500MHz, then a CW net on 28.050MHz from 8pm. Thursday sees a net from 7.30pm on 145.500MHz. For details, email

Now back to the listing in date order.

On Monday New Forest Amateur Radio Society has a Foundation toward Intermediate evening, making first steps on the air. Contact Keith, M0GTL, on 01425 611 563.

On Monday Surrey Radio Contact Club is having a demo and play with the IC-9700. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

On Wednesday Aylesbury Vale Radio Society has its annual dinner. Details at

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club is holding its AGM. Contact David, M0XDF, via email to

On Thursday Edgware and District Radio Society is holding its AGM. For details, see

On Thursday Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society is having a natter night. Contact Malcolm, M0OLG, on 01480 214 282.

On Thursday Reading and District Amateur Radio Club is having an update on the Solar Orbiter by Chris Brockley-Blatt of Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Contact Laurence, G2DD, on 0758 470 6625.

On Thursday Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society has a club night. More information from David, G8UOD on 01234 742 757.

On Thursday Southgate Amateur Radio Club is closed.

On Sunday Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club is having a club night. For details, email

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is having a nag and natter night. Contact Stella, M6ZRJ, via email to

On Friday Silverthorn Radio Club is having a club night from 7.30pm. Details from Colin, 2E1FQE, on 0797 335 0421.

On Saturday, Marsham Amateur Radio Society is on the air on HF and VHF from 1pm. Contact Steve, on 0758 130 5310.

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