News for England South-East – 9 September 2018

| September 7, 2018

We start with a correction to the dates given for the Loughton and Epping Forest ARS weekend Foundation course in our broadcast back on 29 July 2018. The course will actually take place on Saturday, the 22nd, and Sunday, 23 September. The venue is All Saints House in Chigwell Row, Essex. For details, contact Marc Litchman, G0TOC, on 0748 480 4135. Our apologies for any confusion.

Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society celebrates its 70th birthday in October. The Committee would very much like to hear from all current and past members to help mark the anniversary. Please contact David on 01234 742 757, or check

RSGB Microwave Manager Barry Lewis, G4SJH will be giving a presentation Spectrum Matters at the Crawley roundtable today. This is an excellent opportunity to hear first-hand the challenges that amateur radio faces. The event features other talks, refreshments and a constructors competition. Details at

Now the news from clubs that have several events this week.

This Sunday and next Sunday, Hastings Electronics and Radio Club has its morning net on 144.575MHz from 11am. Contact Gordon, M3YXH, on 01424 431 909.

Radio Society of Harrow holds a net this Sunday and next Sunday at 12 noon on 1938kHz LSB. Monday sees a club net starting on 145.500MHz at 8.15pm. Next Saturday and Sunday see a continuation of the Intermediate course. Further information from Linda, G7RJL, via email to

Surrey Radio Contact Club has a net this Sunday and next Sunday on 1905kHz at 9.30am. On Thursday there’s a net on 70.300MHz at 8pm, and Friday sees another net on 145.350MHz, also at 8pm. Enquiries to John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Essex Ham has a net on Monday from 8pm on GB3DA, with a chat room and audio feed at Next Sunday they will be operating the Essex Air Ambulance SES. Full details from Pete, M0PSX, via email to

On Monday Lowestoft District and Pye Amateur Radio Club has an informal operating evening, and on Thursday there’s a talk or film. For more information, email

Peterborough and District Amateur Radio Club has an HF net on Monday from 8pm on 1.980MHz. Wednesday sees a natter night and planning for Railways on the Air. Contact Alan, G8XLH, via email to

Hammersmith Amateur Radio Society has a club net on Thursday on GB3LW from 8pm. On Friday there’s a club night with radio operating. More from Selim, M0XTA, on 0751 090 0731.

On Friday Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club hosts a talk by Hannah Kemp-Welch Radio Art and Social Communication. She currently has a local art exhibition and has been researching some of the local history of radio manufacturing in the Cambridge area. On Saturday it’s their annual picnic in G4AWP’s garden. Enquiries to Richard, G4AWP, on 0770 229 5300.

Now we return to the usual listing in date order.

This Sunday is Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society’s final day of activating GB4GCT to commemorate the reopening of Greenham Control Tower. Operation will be on 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, and 10m SSB and CW. A special event QSL card will be available, plus an award for working the most band slots. Logs will be on Club Log and Logbook of The World. Details at

On Monday Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society will hold an ESWR rally post-mortem. Further information from Paul, G4YQC, by email to

On Monday Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has an open net from 8pm on 145.275MHz. Contact Chris, G3WIE, via email to

On Monday Hog’s Back Amateur Radio Club has a natter night and Morse practice. More from Ray, G4LUA, on 0118 981 4174.

On Monday West Kent Amateur Radio Society hosts a talk from 8pm The Aspidistra Transmitter, formerly located in the Ashdown Forest, used for transmissions into Europe during WWII and subsequently by the Diplomatic Wireless Service. The presentation will be by Mike, M0FCD, who used to work at the site. All are welcome, especially visitors, to Bidborough Village Hall, near Tonbridge, TN3 0XD. Donations of £2 each are invited to cover interval refreshments. Enquiries to Keith, G4JED, on 01732 446 331.

On Tuesday Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society holds a planning meeting for Railways on the Air. Contact Edwin, G0LPO, on 01376 324 031.

On Tuesday Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society will be operating at the shack from 9am to 2pm. Email Martin, M0MJU, via for details.

On Tuesday Chippenham and District Amateur Radio Club will have no meeting, due to its relocation to Kington Langley Village Hall with effect from 18 September. Enquiries via email to

On Tuesday South Essex Amateur Radio Society hosts a talk at 7pm on FT8 by Richard, G7OED. Full details from Terry Howchen, G1FBW, on 0798 607 0040.

On Wednesday Aylesbury Vale Radio Society holds a discussion evening. For information, email

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club hosts a talk by John Ellerton, G3NCN, The History of Radio. More from David, M0XDF, via email to

On Wednesday Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.500MHz from 9pm. Contact Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Wednesday Crystal Palace Radio and Electronics Club Net at 8pm on 145.525MHz, ± QRM. Enquiries to Bob, G3OOU, on 01737 552 170.

On Wednesday Darenth Valley Radio Society hosts a talk QRP Operation by Tony, G4WIF. Further info from Mike, G8AXA, on 0788 415 7776.

On Wednesday Farnborough and District Radio Society holds a construction contest. Details from Mel, M0JMR, via email to

On Wednesday Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group has a talk Portable Operating Tips and Ideas, by Kevan, 2E0WMG. More from Kevan on 0749 352 1049.

On Wednesday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is having an informal evening plus Morse in the computer room. Contact Chris Danby, G0DWV, on 01603 898 308.

On Wednesday Southdown Amateur Radio Society has an FM net on 145.275MHz at 8:30am, a cafe meeting at 12:30pm, and a CW net on 144.060MHz at 7pm. Full details from Tom, M6ONX, via email to

On Thursday Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club has a club night. Enquiries to Ian, 2E0DUE, via email to

On Thursday Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society is having a natter night. For more info email David, M0VTG, to

On Thursday Loughton and Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society has its net from 8pm on 144.725MHz. Details from Dave, M0MBD, on 0798 016 5172.

On Thursday Reading and District Amateur Radio Club hosts a talk The Speed of Light by Professor Bob Lambourne. Contact Laurence, G2DD, on 0758 470 6625.

On Thursday Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society hosts a session entitled What Did You Do On Your Holiday? Further information from David, G8UOD, on 01234 742 757.

On Thursday Southgate Amateur Radio Club has a club night. More from Keith, G8RPA, via email to

On Friday Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society is on the air. Enquiries to Peter, G4AKG, on 01444 239 371.

On Friday Silverthorn Radio Club has a club night from 7.30pm. Contact Robbie, M0HVC, on 0742 913 1105.

On Friday Thames Amateur Radio Group has a CW net at 7.30pm on 144.250MHz followed by a club net on GB3DA. The controller will be Huw, M0LTH. Further information from Patrick, G8JLM, on 01621 855 461.

On Friday Whitton Amateur Radio Group has an open evening and club night from 8pm, with HF and VHF on the air. For more, contact Ian, G0OFN, on 0795 620 3495.

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