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| March 13, 2015

We start with advanced news that Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club is arranging a 2m activity day on Saturday 28 March from 1 to 4pm. The goal is to get people talking on 2m and also to encourage the newly licenced members to join in. Contact Nick, G4HCK, on 07785 391 005.

Now for clubs that have several events this week. Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club is at the Dover Rally today. Next Sunday sees Intermediate training. Contact Chrissie Turner, via email to

Surrey Radio Contact Club has its top band net today and next Sunday on 1905kHz from 9.30am. On Monday there’s a chat and fix-it evening with, John, G8MNY and Friday sees the club net on 145.350MHz from 9pm. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is running its skills workshop on Monday and Morse class on Thursday, both at Danbury Village Hall. Next Sunday sees demonstration station GX0MWT operating throughout the day on 7, 14 and 145MHz at the Museum of Power. Contact

Radio Society of Harrow is having an informal meeting on Tuesday. The AGM originally planned for Friday 20th has been postponed until the 27th. The RSH and WOLAS astronomy outreach event runs in the evenings from Friday 20th until Sunday 22nd. Details from Linda, G7RJL, on 0208 386 8586.

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. On Monday Basingstoke Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on the development of the mini-beam antenna by Mike, G0JMI. Contact Peter, G0KQA, on 01256 414 454.

On Monday Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on amateur moonbounce by John Regnault from the RSGB. For more information contact John, M5AJB, on 01787 460 947.

On Monday Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society is having a show and tell evening. More information from Paul, G4YQC, by email to

On Tuesday Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on high altitude ballooning. Contact Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Tuesday Verulam Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on home built beams by David, G4HHJ. Contact Peter, G4HSO, via email to

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club has its club net from 8pm on 145.375MHz. Details from Andy, M0HAK, via email to

On Wednesday Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is at the shack. Contact Dan Adkin, M0HOW, 01424 882 008.

On Wednesday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is holding a table top sale. Details from Chris, G0DWV, on 01603 419 204.

On Wednesday Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on new advancements in noise cancellation by Graham, M3ZGS of bhi. Contact Gordon Hutchinson, 2E0GTG, on 07801 599 470.

On Thursday Cray Valley Radio Society is having a talk by Hugh MacGillivray on David Kirkaldy and his 1874 Testing Works in Southwark, the world’s first independent materials testing laboratory. Contact Richard, G7GLW, on 07831 715 797.

On Thursday Horndean and District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on the Hampshire and Berkshire 4×4 Response team by Andy Cunningham, M0HAK. Contact Stuart, G0FYX, on 02392 472 846.

On Thursday Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society is having a live demonstration of utility listening by Don, G4LOO. Contact John Burnett, 2E0OAK, on 07860 804 793.

On Thursday Sutton and Cheam Radio Society is having a talk on how valves work by David Smith, M0SXD. Details from John, G0BWV, on 020 8644 9945.

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is having a radio night. Contact Sue Davis, G6YPY, on 01273 845 103.

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