RSGB helps pupils celebrate the birth of global radio communications

| October 16, 2014

Pupils at Mill Hill School in London are taking to the airwaves this week to mark the 90th anniversary of the historic contact between Cecil Goyder, a former pupil at Mill Hill School, and Frank Bell, a New Zealand sheep farmer.

The radio station (2SZ) is being run by RSGB volunteers and throughout the week small groups of pupils are visiting it, learning about amateur radio and having the opportunity to speak over the air.

So far the station has made contact with 7,869 stations in a total of 122 different countries, with 35 percent of those contacts using Morse code. These contacts have helped to demonstrate the wonder of radio to the pupils.

Significantly, 2SZ has had a number of contacts with the special station (ZL4AA) at Shag Valley, South Island, New Zealand where radio amateurs have built it at the original site of the 4AA station.

Contact has been made on frequencies near to those used by Goyder in 1924 and they are hoping to be able to do this again on the actual 90th anniversary on 18 October.

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