England South East – 19 May 2013

| May 17, 2013

We start with news that a small group of people are trying to resurrect the Grafton Radio Society, which dissolved in 1996 after many years in existence. Anybody interested is invited to contact peter, G0KUX on 07835 083 833 or QTHR.

Now for clubs that have several events this week. Farnborough & District Radio Society has a Top Band net on 1.995MHz at 8pm. On Wednesday there’s a visit to Martin Lynch & Sons at Chertsey. Friday sees the club 2m net on 144.675MHz from 8pm. Details from Neville, G3SPD, on 01252 404 816.

Crawley Amateur Radio Club is having a presentation on Wednesday by Mike Parkin, G0JMI of Alton Antenna Arrays, about the history and development of the Mini-Beam Antenna. Saturday sees the club annual dinner at the Heathey Farm Restaurant, Horley. More information from John, G3VLH, on 01342 714 402.

Newbury & District Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM on Wednesday. On Thursday it’s the 80m Club Championships CW. Contact Rob, G4LMW, on 01635 862 737.

Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society has a talk on radar by John, G6SXC on Thursday. Saturday sees the members’ annual barbecue. Details from Charles, G4VSZ, on 07982 244 788.

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. On Sunday Surrey Radio Contact Club is having a fix it and natter night. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

On Monday Basingstoke Amateur Radio Club is having a Raspberry Pi night. Contact Tim, G3PJD, on 07754 132 859.

On Monday Braintree & District Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM. For more information contact John, M5AJB, on 01787 460 947.

On Monday Burnham Beeches Radio Club is having a talk on the theory and practice of BPSK by Greg, G4EBY. Contact Dave, G4XDU, on 01628 625 720.

On Monday East Kent Radio Society is holding a committee meeting and having a natter night. Details from Karl Davies, M1DFM, on 01227 710 120.

On Tuesday Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is at the shack. Contact Steve, on 01424 720 815.

On Tuesday Bromley & District Amateur Radio Society is holding an EGM and an operating night in practice for the RSGB Special Event Station. Details from Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Tuesday Stevenage & District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on audio filters by Keith, G4KGP. Contact Martin Juhe, M0XJP, on 07973 793 770.

On Tuesday Verulam Amateur Radio Club is holding a Morse class followed by club meeting and a talk. Contact Ralph, G1BSZ, on 01923 265 572.

On Wednesday Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society is having a technical talk. More details from Terry, G0VFW, on 01442 831 491.

On Wednesday Dover Radio Club is working on the club project. Contact Pete, M0PKH, by email to peter.halloway@sky.com.

On Wednesday Hastings Electronics and Radio Club is having a construction evening, Details from Gordon, on 01424 431 909.

On Wednesday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is having part 2 of the talk by Peter Richmond, M0HBL on maths within amateur radio. Details from Chris Danby, G0DWV, on 01603 898 678.

On Thursday Bath & District Amateur Radio Club has a show and tell evening. Contact Rob, M0TFO, on 07411 880 118.

On Thursday Edgware & District Radio Society is holding its Constructors Cup contest. More information from Mike, G4RNW, on 02089 500 658.

On Thursday Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club is having a talk by Jake Bamford on the Southern Counties Omnibus Collection. Details from Chrissie Turner, by email to hilderstoneclub@gmail.com

On Thursday Lowestoft & District PYE Amateur Radio Club is at the shack. Contact Tim Ward, 2E0TJW, on 07810 481 182.

On Thursday Reading & District Amateur Radio Club is having an talk on the evolution of the Soviet Army Manpack by Tony Helm, G4BCX. Details from Pete, G8FRC, on 01189 695 697.

On Thursday Shefford & District Amateur Radio Society is having an update on this year’s club project and a talk on flow meters in air fields by Richard, G3NII. Contact John Burnett, 2E0OAK, on 07860 804 793.

On Friday Cambridge & District Amateur Radio Club is having training o operating HF radio. Details from David, M0ZEB, on 01353 778 093.

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is holding its construction contest. Details from Mike Mundy, G1TDL, on 01444 246 899.

On Friday Radio Society of Harrow is having a talk. More information from Linda, G7RJL, on 02083 868 586.

Next Sunday Coalhouse Fort Amateur Radio Society is putting GB1CHF on the air from 11am to 5pm for their open day. Contact Tony Reynard, G7HJT, on 07976 553 345.

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