News for England Midlands – 26 June 2022

| June 24, 2022

The Online Radio Club has a virtual radio club night at 7:30pm every Thursday via Zoom. It is suitable for all radio enthusiasts regardless of individual skill level. Go to the website for the meeting link.

Amateurs in Staffordshire are invited to join Lunch on the Air every Wednesday lunchtime on 144.700MHz. An alternative frequency is 145.375MHz. Visit the website for details.

Burton Amateur Radio Club has open nets on 145.575MHz at 10am on Sundays and 8pm on Thursdays. There is slow CW training on 14.055MHz at 11am on Monday. On Wednesday there’s a club night at 7.30pm. Barry, M0ISZ, 01283 540570.

On Sundays, Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association has a net on 50.22MHz at 8.30am. There are daily nets on 145.4MHz at 8.10am and 28.45MHz at 8.40am. Derek, G3NKS,

Kettering & District Amateur Radio Society has a breakfast meeting from 10am on Sundays. On Tuesday there is a meeting from 7pm. Thursday sees a net on 145.300MHz from 7pm. Les, 2E0MNZ,

South Birmingham Radio Society has work in the attic room today and next Sunday with Bob. Tuesday sees the regular coffee morning in the shack from 11am, visitors are welcome. There is work in the shack on Friday. Gemma, M6GKG,

Wythall Radio Club has a club net on 145.225MHz at 8pm today and next Sunday. On Tuesday there is a club meeting, live and virtual from 8pm. Chris, G3YHF, 0795 839 5904.

Rugby Amateur Transmitting Society has a weekday net on 144.275MHz SSB from 8.30am. On Monday and Thursday, there is CW practice at 4.30pm on 144.275MHz, starting initially in USB. Friday sees a net on 1.913MHz from 8pm. On Saturday there is an in-person meeting from 2pm. Steve, G8LYB, 01788 578 940.

South Normanton Alfreton & District Amateur Radio Club has a social night on Monday. Tuesday sees a net around 145.450MHz from 7pm. Alan, M0OLT,

On Monday, Stafford and District Amateur Radio Society has a talk on Experiences of the Bath Based Learning by Ron, M0TVZ & Rob, M0VKB at the Wildwood Community Centre. The club operates a station most Wednesday evenings and there is a club net on Sundays at 8pm on 145.375MHz. Nigel, M7ANJ, 0773 016 1723.

On Monday Leicester Radio Society Club has a hybrid meeting. The club is also open on Thursday afternoon. Sandra, G0MCV, 0793 027 4059

On Monday Coventry Amateur Radio Society has an open net from 8pm on 145.375MHz. There is another open net from 8pm on 50.175MHz on Thursday. John, G8SEQ,

On Monday, Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group takes part in the Derby net on 3.745MHz from 9.30am. There is a shack night and club net on 433.450MHz from 8pm, also on Mondays. On Thursday there is a club net on 145.300MHz rom 8pm. Friday sees a club and Zoom meeting from 8pm. Paul, G1GSZ,

RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club has a club net on Monday on 145.325MHz from 7.30pm. On Friday there is a meeting at the Pyewipe, at 7.30pm Bob, G3VCA, 0797 116 6250.

On Monday, Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has an open net starting around 145.250MHz at 7.30pm. Robert Bird,

Loughborough & District Amateur Radio Club is having an open forum on Tuesday. Chris, G1ETZ, 01509 504 319.

Worksop Amateur Radio Society is holding in-person social evenings at their club building on West Street, Worksop every Tuesday from 6.30pm. Visitors are welcome. Donna, M7DON on

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society has a net on Tuesday from 8.30pm on 144.550MHz AM. On Wednesday there is a net from 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM. Thursday sees another net from 7.30pm on 145.475MHz FM, moving to 80m SSB later. On Friday, there is a net from 7.30pm on 432.220MHz SSB. Anne, 2E1GKY, 01242 699 595, (daytime hours).

Malvern Hills Radio Amateur Club has a Zoom and face-to-face meeting at 8pm on Tuesday. There is net on 145.350MHz FM from 8pm on Wednesday. Dave, G4IDF, 01905 351 568.

Central Radio Amateur Circle has a Google Meets at 7.30pm on Wednesday for a general chat. On Saturday there is a meeting in the Railway Inn at 12 noon. Next Sunday, the 3 July, the club is at Barr Beacon for a Plug and Play day from 10am. Martin, G1TYV, 0749 684 7642.

On Wednesday, Mid-Warwickshire Amateur Radio Society has a net at 8pm on 145.275MHz. Don, G4CYG, 01926 424465.

Lincoln Short-Wave Club meets at the BSA village hall, Aisthorpe from 7.30pm on Wednesday and 9.30am on Saturday. Also on Saturday is a VHF Filed Day from the old bomb dump in Scampton. Pam, G4STO, 01427 788 356.

Midland Amateur Radio Society has a hybrid open meeting on Wednesday at 7.30pm in the hall. Training classes are available. Norman, G8BHE, 0780 807 8003.

On Wednesday, Telford & District Amateur Radio Society is getting ready for VHF Field Day. Next weekend, the 2 and 3 July , the club is operating from IO82NN for VHF Field Day. John, M0JZH, 0782 473 7716.

South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society is having a club night on Friday from 8pm. Stewart, M0SDM, 0794 408 5113.

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