News for England Midlands – 1 September 2019

| August 30, 2019

We start with news from clubs with more than one event this week. Hereford Amateur Radio Society has a net from 11am on 145.4375MHz today and next Sunday. Today, Tuesday and next Sunday there’s a net on 3.77MHz from 10.30am. Friday sees a homebrew show & tell evening. Details from Duncan, M0OTG, via email to

Midland Amateur Radio Society is visiting the Telford Hamfest today. Wednesday sees an open meeting with the shack on the air and training classes. Details from Norman, G8BHE, on 0780 807 8003.

South Birmingham Radio Society is at the Telford Hamfest today and unloading the trailer on Monday. Tuesday sees the regular coffee morning from 11am and, on Thursday, training classes are run by Dave, G8OWL. Contact Gemma, M6GKG, by email to

Solihull Amateur Radio Society is visiting the Telford Hamfest today. Thursday sees the club net from 8pm, on or around 145.450MHz. Details from Stu, G4KUR, via email to

Spalding & District Amateur Radio Society has its field day & family barbecue at West Pinchbeck from 11am today. On Friday there’s a Q&A session on radios. Contact Graham, G8NWC, on 0775 461 9701.

Telford & District Amateur Radio Society is running its Hamfest today and has a committee meeting on Wednesday. Contact John, M0JZH, on 0782 473 7716.

Wythall Radio Club has a net today and next Sunday on 145.225MHz or GB3WL from 8pm. Tuesday sees a Morse class plus a contest, social and workshop evening. Details from Chris, G3YHF, on 0795 839 5904.

Coventry Amateur Radio Society has nets on Monday from 8pm on 145.375MHz FM and 7.175MHz SSB. Wednesday sees a DMR net from 8.30pm on TG 2345974. Thursday sees a net from 7pm on 50.175MHz SSB and on Friday it’s the Great Egg Race. Contact John, G8SEQ, on 0795 877 7363.

Nunsfield House ARG has a shack night on Monday. Thursday sees the club net from 8pm on 145.325MHz and on Friday there’s a talk on Scams by Andy, G8IYZ. Contact Paul, G1SGZ, via email to

RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club has its net on Monday from 8pm on 145.325MHz. On Friday there’s a club meeting at the shack. Contact Bob, G3VCA on 0797 116 6250.

South Normanton Alfreton & District Amateur Radio Club has a technical night on Monday. Tuesday sees the club net from 6.45pm, around 145.475MHz. Contact Alan, M0OLT, via email to

Rugby ATS has contest and other activities on Tuesday & Saturday. Contact Steve, G8LYB, on 01788 578 940.

Salop Amateur Radio Society has its CW net on Tuesday from 4.30pm on 144.070MHz, On Wednesday there’s a net from 8.30pm on GB3LH. For details, email

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society has its club net on Wednesday from 7.30pm on 145.475MHz. Thursday sees a club net from 7.30pm on 145.475MHz, moving to 80m SSB. On Friday there’s net from 7.30pm on 432.220MHz SSB. Contact Anne, 2E1GKY, on 01242 699 595, daytime.

Lincoln Short-Wave Club is having a nibble and natter night on Wednesday. Thursday sees the club net via GB3LM and on Saturday there’s an open shack session from 9.30am with new member induction. Contact Pam, G4STO, on 01427 788 356.

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. On Monday Leicester Radio Society has the first half of a talk on RTTY software by G3YYD. More information from Sandra, G0MCV, on 0793 027 4044.

On Monday Stratford upon Avon & District Radio Society has its net on 145.275MHz FM from 8pm. Contact Clive, G0CHO, on 01608 664 488.

On Monday Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has an open net, starting on 145.250MHz from 7.30pm. Details from Robert, via email to

On Monday Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society has its net from 7pm on 145.275MHz FM. For more information contact Peter, G4XEX, on 01858 432 105.

On Tuesday Loughborough & District Amateur Radio Club is looking at the QRP transceiver project with Brian, G8BUB. More information from Chris, G1ETZ, on 01509 504 319.

On Wednesday Malvern Hills RAC has its net from 8pm on 145.350MHz FM. Contact Dave, G4IDF, on 01905 351 568.

On Thursday Kettering & District Amateur Radio Society has its net from 7pm on 145.300MHz FM. Details from Ed, M0TZX, via email to

On Saturday Mid-Warwickshire Amateur Radio Society is taking part in RSGB Field Day. For details, email

On Saturday and Sunday South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society is taking part in RSGB Field Day. Contact Steve, 2E0WCG, on 01780 764 419.

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