News for England Midlands – 15 November 2015

| November 13, 2015

On Sunday, 15 and 22 November Worksop Amateur Radio Society has its Intermediate training and on air VHF/UHF activity. On Tuesday it’s the UK Activity Contest, a club night and committee meeting. Wednesday sees more on air VHF/UHF activity and on Thursday there’s a technical night with construction, CW tuition and radio operation on data modes. More details from Paul, M0PJA on 07890 626 684.

On Monday Coventry Amateur Radio Society has a net at 8pm on 145.375MHz FM and/or 7.16MHz plus or minus QRM. On Friday there’s a skittles night at Brandon Social Club. Information from John, G8SEQ, 07958 777 363.

On Monday Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society is operating from the shack. Then on Wednesday and Thursday it’s on air at 7.30pm on 145.550 and moving to other bands for experimentation. Details from Anne, 2E1GKY on 01242 699 595 during the daytime.

On Monday RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club has a club net on 145.325MHz at 8pm. More from Bob, G3VCA on 07971 166 250.

On Monday South Birmingham Radio Society is working in the shack. Then there is the usual coffee morning in the shack on Tuesday from 11am to 1pm, visitors very welcome. On Thursday there are training classes with Dave Murphy, G8OWL. More information from Gemma Gordon, M6GKG by email to

On Monday Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has an open net on 145.250.00 +/- from 7 30pm, all are welcome to join in. Details from Robert Bird by email to

On Monday Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society is having an operating night on 40m SSB. More details from Peter D. Rivers, G4XEX on 01858 432105.

On Tuesday Dudley and District Amateur Radio Society Club is holding a social evening with an open discussion. Information from Carl Roberts, M0ZCR by email to

On Tuesday Loughborough and District Amateur Radio Club is having an internet video of the latest TX Factor. Chris, G1ETZ on 01509 504 319 has more information.

On Wednesday Bromsgrove and District Amateur Radio Club is having a data night. Then on Friday it’s the usual club night. Contact Dave, M6DKT on 07584 025 156 for further details.

On Wednesday Midland Amateur Radio Society is holding a committee meeting with training classes and Ron MOWSN will be giving a film show, The Secret Listener. Details from Norman, G8BHE on 07808 078 003.

On Wednesday Salop Amateur Radio Society is having a CW net from 4.30pm on 144.070MHz then the club net from 8.30pm on GB3LH. On Thursday there is a talk on digital repeaters by Matt, G8XYJ. More information by email to

On Wednesday South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society is having a presentation by Andrew Garratt, M0NRD on the mission to fly a high altitude balloon into the stratosphere with a “Ham” on board that took place at the National Hamfest. More information from Andrew, M0NRD on 07969 062 859.

On Wednesday Telford and District Amateur Radio Society is having part two of the cat control and radio software talk. Details from John Humphreys, M0JZH on 07824 737 716.

On Thursday and Saturday Hereford Amateur Radio Society is running an Intermediate course led by Geoff, G8BPN. More details from Rod, M0JLA on 01432 356 079.

On Thursday Nuneaton and District Amateur Radio Club as a club net at 9.30pm on 145.475MHz. Then Friday it’s a night on the air. Neil Yorke, 2E0NEI has more details by email to

On Thursday Solihull Amateur Radio Society has a surplus sale starting at 7.45pm. More details from P.T. Gaskin, G8AYY on 0121 628 7383.

On Friday Melton Mowbray Amateur Radio Society is having a look at the Smith Chart. Details from Brian, M0YBX on 07772 659 622.

On Saturday Central Radio Amateur Circle Group has a club meeting. More information from Martin Hallard, G1TYV on 07948 027 994.

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