England Midlands 22 December 2013

| December 20, 2013

This week’s broadcast contains news of events until Sunday 12 January, because of the Christmas break.

Wythall Radio Club has its club net on 145.225MHz at 8pm today and each Sunday. On Monday there’s a curry night at the Monsoon. Tuesday at 8pm sees the start of the Christmas Contest. The regular Shack Social is on each Friday. On Friday 27th there is a Christmas fox hunt at 7.30pm. Details from Chris, G0EYO, on 07710 412 819.

Gloucester Amateur Radio & Electronics Society is closed up to and including Monday 6 January.  Contact Anne, 2E1GKY, on 01242 699 595, daytime.

Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has its Christmas party on Monday 23 December. More information from Robert Bird, by email to spirit.guide@hotmail.co.uk.

Derby & District Amateur Radio Society is closed on the 24th and 30th. Saturday 4 January and Tuesday 7 January see a junk sale. Contact Richard Buckby, by email to radio@dadars.org.uk.

Loughborough & District Amateur Radio Club is closed on 24 December and is holding a natter night on Tuesday 7 January. More information from Chris, G1ETZ, on 01509 504 319.

Rugby ATS is taking part in the 50MHz UK Activity Contest, radio operation and projects on Tuesday 24th. The invitation on Saturday 28th is to show off your shiny new toys. Tuesday 31 December sees the 70MHz UK Activity Contest, radio operation and projects. There’s a talk on Saturday 4th, and on Tuesday 7 January it’s the 144MHz UK Activity Contest 144MHz, radio operation and projects. Saturday 11 January sees PIC/Arduino/PC problem solving, C programming and general assistance. Contact Steve, G8LYB, on 01788 578 940.

Midland Amateur Radio Society is closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The meeting on Wednesday 8 January is devoted to new toys, a ragchew, putting the shack on the air and training classes. Details from Norman, G8BHE, on 07808 078 003.

Telford & District Amateur Radio Society is closed on Christmas Day and has a club net on New Year’s Day at 3pm on 144.600MHz ± QRM. Wednesday 8 January sees GX3ZME on the air plus a committee meeting. Contact Mike, G3JKX, on 01952 299 677.

Bromsgrove & District Amateur Radio Club is having a review of the year on Friday 27 December. Contact Chris, M0BQE on 01905 776 869.

On Friday 27 December Hucknall Rolls Royce Amateur Radio Club is holding a members’ forum evening. Contact Dave Wilde, G1YAI, by email to treasurer@hrrarc.com.

Coventry Amateur Radio Society has the first round of the G2FDC 2m DF Trophy from 10am on New Year’s Day. Friday 3 January sees the start of Bedworth Lions Awareness Month. The club net is on Monday 6 January at 8pm on 145.375MHz and there’s a video night on Friday 10 January. Contact John, G8SEQ, on 07958 777 363.

South Birmingham Radio Society is closed on New Year’s Day. The regular coffee mornings resume on Tuesday 7 January at 11am and Thursday 9 January sees training classes with Dave Murphy, G8OWL Contact Gemma Gordon, M6GKG, by email to gemmagordon.m6gkg@gmail.com.

Lincoln Short-Wave Club has a repeater net on GB3LM on Thursday 2 January. Tuesday 7th sees the 144MHz UKAC Contest from the shack at 8pm. There are further shack activities and a natter night on Wednesday 8, and Thursday 9 January sees a simplex club net on 145.375MHz from 8pm. For more information contact Pam Rose, G4STO, on 01427 788 356.

On Monday 6 January Aldridge & Barr Beacon Amateur Radio Club is closed. Contact Albert, G0KFS, on 01922 614 169.

On Monday 6 January Central Radio Amateur Circle is taking part in the 144MHz UKAC Contest. Details from Martin Hallard, G1TYV, on 07906 905 071.

On Wednesday 8 January South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM and prize-giving. Contact Nigel, M0CVO, on 01476 402 550.

On Thursday 9 January RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club is holding its AGM. More information from Bob, G3VCA, on 0791 166 250.

On Sunday 12 January Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association is taking part in the AFS CW contest. Contact Derek Thom, G3NKS, on 01242 241 099.

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