England Midlands 20 October 2013

| October 18, 2013

On Sunday 20 October Wythall Radio Club is taking part in the 50MHz Affiliated Societies Contest then, at 8pm, there’s a net on 145.225MHz. On Monday the Advanced course continues at 8pm. On Tuesday the Morse Class starts at 7.45pm with a Free ‘n’ Easy evening at 8.30pm. The club is taking part in the 80m Club Sprint Contest on Thursday and there’s a social on Friday. On Sunday 27 October, at 8pm, there’s a net on 145.225MHz. Details from Chris, G0EYO, on 07710 412 819.

On Monday 21 October Aldridge and Barr Beacon Amateur Radio Club is having a surplus equipment sale. Contact Albert, G0KFS, on 01922 614 169.

On Monday to Friday Central Radio Amateur Circle is putting G100RSGB on the air. Next Sunday there is a trip to Llandudno Radio Rally. More from Martin Hallard, G1TYV on 07906 905 071.

On Monday Coventry Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.375MHz. On Friday there is a radio workshop evening. Contact John, G8SEQ, on 07958 777 363.

On Monday Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society is operating new equipment in shack. Details from Anne, 2E1GKY on 01242 699595.

On Monday Leicester Radio Society is having a quiz night and buffet. More information from Alex, G8FCQ on 07531 201 640.

On Monday Lincoln Short-Wave Club has a committee meeting and is taking part in the 50MHz UK Activity Contest on Tuesday. On Wednesday it’s the normal club meeting and the simplex net on 145.375MHz takes place on Thursday. Over the weekend the club is taking part in the CQ World Wide Contest, although the usual surgery and mentoring will take place on Saturday. For more information contact Pam Rose, G4STO, on 01427 788 356.

On Monday South Birmingham Radio Society is sorting rally stock and on Tuesday there’s a coffee morning from 11am to 1 pm, all welcome. On Thursday it’s training classes with Dave Murphy, G8OWL. On Friday there is an evening of shack work and a ragchew. On Sunday 27 October the club is attending the North Wales Rally at Abergelle Leisure Centre. Details from Mick Cleary, G7RRP on 07595 696 359.

On Monday Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has a net on 145.250MHz from 7.30pm, all are welcome to join in. More information from Robert Bird, by email to spirit.guide@hotmail.co.uk.

On Monday Welland Valley Amateur Radio Society is having a construction evening building a one transistor radio. For more information contact Peter D. Rivers, G4XEX, on 01858 432 105.

On Tuesday 22 October Derby and District Amateur Radio Society has an evening on the basics of aerials and feeders. Contact Richard Buckby, by email to radio@dadars.org.uk.

On Tuesday Dudley and District Amateur Radio Society is on the air and is having a natter night. On Wednesday full licence training is taking place. More details from Carl Roberts, M0ZCR, by e-mail to m0zcr@live.co.uk.

On Tuesday Loughborough and District Amateur Radio Club is having a junk sale. More information from Chris, G1ETZ, on 01509 504 319.

On Wednesday 23 October Midland Amateur Radio Society has an open meeting and training classes. Details from Norman, G8BHE, on 07808 078 003.

On Wednesday Telford and District Amateur Radio Society is having a winter project evening and preparing for operating G100RSGB. On Saturday and Sunday they club is operating G100RSGB on the WARC bands and VHF and UHF. Contact Mike, G3JKX, on 01952 299 677 for more details.

On Thursday 24 October Salop Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM. Details on the club website at www.salop-ars.org.uk.

On Saturday 26 October Rugby ATS is having a presentation by Mike, G8CTJ on valves and classical electronics. Details from Steve, G8LYB on 01788 578940.

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