News for England North – 30 June 2019

| June 28, 2019

We start with clubs that have several events this week.

Central Lancs Amateur Radio Club has nets this Sunday and next Sunday on 1.940MHz LSB from 11am. Next Saturday sees a club meeting from 11am. Contact Peter, G3UCA, via email to

Oldham Radio Club has a multi-mode digital net from 9.30am this Sunday and next Sunday. Monday sees a C4FM simplex net from 7.30pm on 144.6125MHz. On Wednesday there’s a 2m FM net from 8pm. Thursday sees a talk Space Communications by Chris, M0LXG to mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Details from Mike, M1CVL, on 07402 763 203.

Pontefract and District Amateur Radio Society is operating GB4CON this Sunday. Tuesday, Thursday and next Sunday see GB4AM on the air for All Mankind, marking the anniversary of the first moon walk. Contact Nigel, G0BPK, via email to

South Manchester Radio and Computer Club has a SSB net on 3667kHz from 10.30am this Sunday and next Sunday. Tuesday sees a net from 8pm around 145.575MHz FM. On Thursday there’s a group talk What’s This Knob For? Details from Ron, G3SVW, on 01619 693 999.

Durham and District Amateur Radio Society is operating GB13COL from Monday until the 8th. Wednesday sees a club night. More information from Michael, G7TWX, on 07826 924 192.

Sheffield and District Wireless Society has its 70MHz Trophy Contest on Monday from 1000UTC. Wednesday sees the annual fox hunt. Next Saturday and Sunday it’s VHF Field Day. More information from Krystyna, 2E0KSH, on 07884 065 375.

Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society has a barbecue on Monday at the QTH of John, G4FRK. Wednesday sees a committee meeting, then next Saturday and Sunday it’s VHF NFD at the farm. Contact John, G4FRK, on 01253 862 810.

Stockport Radio Society has a talk on Tuesday by Ray, M1REK Summer Operating on a Mountain Top. Friday see a net from 7.30pm on 433.575MHz, plus preparation for the rally, which takes place on Saturday. Contact Heather Stanley, M6HNS, on 07506 904 422.

Wirral Amateur Radio Society is having a natter night on Tuesday. On Wednesday preparations are being made for VHF NFD. Thursday sees the ATV on-air and construction night. Next Saturday and Sunday sees the station on the air for VHF NFD. Details from Bill, G4YWD, on 07804 884 245.

York Radio Club has its net on Wednesday from 8pm on 145.450MHz. Thursday sees a club night with training. Next Sunday sees the breakfast meeting from 10am. For details see

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order.

On Monday Macclesfield and District Radio Society has a construction night and is putting GX4MWS on the air. For details, email

On Tuesday Bury Radio Club is having a club night and on the air evening. Details at

On Tuesday Chester and District Radio Society taking part in the 2m UK Activity Contest. Contact Bruce, M0CVP, on 01244 343 825.

On Tuesday South Lancashire Amateur Radio Club has a club night with Foundation and Intermediate training. Contact Steve, 2E0FDF, 07880 540 117

On Wednesday Newsham Amateur Radio Training Centre is having a club night. Details from John, 2E0DCV, on 01912 371 729.

On Thursday Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club has a club night and training evening from 7pm.

On Thursday Hull and District Amateur Radio Society is having a club night and on the air evening. Contact Tony, G0WJK, on 01430 423 837.

On Thursday Quantum Amateur Radio and Technology Society has a club night. More info from Derek, G7LFC, on 07306 616 636.

On Thursday Ripon and District Amateur Radio Society is having a club night. Contact David, G3UNA, on 01423 860 778.

On Thursday Spen Valley Amateur Radio Society has a discussion about the club antennas. Details from Russell, G0FOI, on 01274 875 038.

On Friday East Cleveland Amateur Radio Club is on the air. For more information contact Alistair, G4OLK, on 01642 475 671.

On Friday Tynemouth Amateur Radio Club is having a club night. For details, email

On Friday Wakefield and District Radio Society will be operating GB0WF to celebrate its 70th anniversary. For details see

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