News for England North – 30 September 2018

| September 28, 2018

We start with news from clubs that have several events this week.

Denby Dale Radio Club has its club net this Sunday and next Sunday from 10.30 to 11.30am via the GB3HD repeater. On Wednesday there’s a surplus sale being held at Denby Dale Pie Hall, and all next Sunday, from 5am to 11pm, they are taking part in the WAB HF Contest. Contact Darran, G0BWB on 0797 442 3227.

Today, Oldham Radio Club has their D-Star net on REF 14B, from 9.30am, and on Wednesday there’s a 2m FM net from 8pm. Thursday sees a club night and the Intermediate course continuing, and next Sunday it’s the turn of the C4FM net, FCS004-55, from 9.30am. More from Mike, M1CVL on 0740 276 3203.

Wirral Amateur Radio Society has a natter night on Tuesday from 7pm, and registration for the Intermediate course. Wednesday sees the AGM at 7pm, followed by construction competition judging. On Thursday G3NWR is on the air for ATV, with talkback on 144.750MHz. Full details from Bill, G4YWD on 0780 488 4245.

York Radio Club has a net on Wednesday at 8pm on 145.450MHz, and Thursday sees their club night, again at 8pm. Next Sunday they’ve a breakfast meeting at 10am. Further information via email to

Next Saturday Central Lancashire Amateur Radio Club is holding its monthly club meeting at 11am. Next Sunday there’s an FM Top Band net on 1.940MHz from 11am. Email Peter, G3UCA for more details via

Now we return to the usual listing in date order.

On Monday Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club will host a training taster from 7 to 9pm, inviting those interested to come along and enrol for Foundation or Intermediate courses, or just take to the air. Contact Nancy, G7UUR on 0799 076 0920.

On Monday Macclesfield and District Radio Society is on the air. Details from Greg, M0TXX via email to

On Monday Sheffield Amateur Radio Club hosts a talk by Steve, M1ERS on PSK31 operation. More from David, G6DCT via email to

On Monday Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society runs a practical session, and the club will be on the air. Enquiries to John, G4FRK on 01253 862 810.

On Tuesday Chester and District Radio Society is taking part in the UK Activity Contest. Further information from Bruce, M0CVP on 01244 343 825.

On Tuesday Stockport Radio Society is holding a club meeting. Contact Heather, M6HNS on 0750 690 4422.

On Wednesday Blyth Radio Club has a club night and Foundation training. Details from John, 2E0DCV on 0191 237 1729.

On Wednesday Durham and District Amateur Radio Society has a club night from 6.30pm. More from Michael, G7TWX on 0782 692 4192.

On Wednesday Hambleton Amateur Radio Society has a club night from 7.30 to 9.30pm in Northallerton. Enquiries to John, M6BHP on 0798 000 3293.

On Wednesday Hornsea Amateur Radio Club hosts a video night. Details from Gordon, G3WOV on 01377 240 573.

On Wednesday Sheffield and District Wireless Society has a club meeting. For further information contact Krystyna, 2E0KSH on 0788 406 5375.

On Thursday Bishop Auckland Radio Amateur Club runs a normal club night from 7pm, where the latest candidates will be studying for the Foundation, Intermediate and Full exams. Contact Gail, M3GBB on 0191 372 0473.

On Thursday Ripon and District Amateur Radio Society hosts a club night. More information from David, G3UNA on 01423 860 778.

On Thursday South Manchester Radio and Computer Club hosts a constructors’ clinic with Ged, G8RSI. Full details from Ron, G3SVW on 01619 693 999.

On Thursday Spen Valley Amateur Radio Society will be doing a QRP SSB kit appraisal. Contact Russell, G0FOI on 01274 875 038.

On Friday East Cleveland Amateur Radio Club meets for a bring-in-something-interesting evening. Further information from Alistair, G4OLK on 01642 475 671.

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