England North – 26 May 2013

| May 24, 2013

On Monday Angel of the North Amateur Radio Club is on the air. Contact Nancy Bone, G7UUR, on 01914 770 036.

On Monday Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Society is holding an auction. Details from John E Rodway, G4FRK, on 01253 862 810.

On Tuesday Chester and District Radio Society is holding its annual dinner. Contact Bruce Sutherland, M0CVP, on 01244 343 825.

On Wednesday Denby Dale Radio Club is having a Real Ale night at the Star Inn, Lockwood. Details from Richard, M0RBG, on 07976 220 126.

On Wednesday Hornsea Amateur Radio Club is preparing for NFD. Contact Gordon MacNaught, G3WOV, on 01377 240 573.

On Wednesday South Lancashire Amateur Radio Club has its Chairman’s Trophy Challenge – making an audio amplifier. Details from Allan Green, 2E0RAG, on 07533 970 841.

On Thursday South Manchester Radio and Computer Club is having a talk on VHF Antennas by Terry, G6CRF. Details from Ron, G3SVW, on 01619 693 999.

On Friday East Cleveland Amateur Radio Club is having a bring in something interesting evening. For more information contact Alistair, G4OLK, on 01642 475 671.

On Saturday Sheffield Amateur Radio Club is taking part in the RSGB National Field Day CW contest as G2AS/P. More information from Peter Day, G3PHO, by email to sarc@g3pho.org.uk.

On Saturday Stockport Radio Society commences its weekend event for National Field Day. Contact Nigel Roscoe, on 07973 312 699.

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