News for Scotland – 27 June 2021

| June 25, 2021

The GB3FE repeater serving the Stirling area is still out of service and this will affect the Stirling and Falkirk nets.

Kingdom Amateur Radio Society continuing to have nets on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 7pm on 144.750MHz. Steve, MM0SKX, 0771 105 9343.

Stirling and District Amateur Radio Society is open for outdoor activities and operating from 11am this Sunday. The club is also open on Thursday evenings from 7pm.

The West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society has a Sunday net from 11am on 145.425MHz. Wednesday sees a net from 8pm on 433.425MHz and on Friday there is an open net on 145.425MHz from 8pm. Click here for more information.

The Loch Lomond net in the Vale of Leven will take place from 8pm via the EchoLink-connected MB7IBH gateway on 144.9625MHz. At 9pm the net moves to DMR on TG23559 and also MB6IDG on 431.0975MHz. Paul,

Dundee Amateur Radio Club holds nets on Sundays and Wednesdays from 7.30pm on GB3AG and GB3DD. The club is taking part In VHF NFD on the 3rd and 4th of July as well as the Backpackers contest. Martin, 2M0KAU, 0776 370 8933.

Ayr Amateur Radio Group has a CW net on Sundays on 144.295MHz from 7pm and an FM net on 145.450MHz from 7.30pm. There are daily nets around 7.035MHz from 10.15am, moving to 7.065MHz and 145.450MHz at 10.30am. Friday sees a Zoom meeting.

Kilmarnock & Loudoun Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Sundays from 2pm around 3.720MHz SSB, later moving to around 3.540MHz for a CW net. Tuesday sees an FM net on 145.475MHz from 7.30pm.

The Viking Amateur Radio Net runs on Sundays from 6pm on 3.660 or 3.639MHz.

Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Society has a net on Sundays from 7.30pm on GB3DG, which then usually moves to Zoom at around 8pm. Thursday sees a net on GB3DG from 7pm. There is also an open RAYNET net daily on GB3DG from noon. Click here for more information.

On Monday, Edinburgh & District Amateur Radio Club will hold its FM net at 8pm on 433.525MHz. There will be VHF NFD portable operations taking place next weekend. Norman, GM1CNH, 0774 094 6192.

DV Scotland has a multi-mode net on Monday from 9pm using GM5DVS. Access to the net is via All-Star Hub and Brandmeister DMR. Click here for more information.

Glenrothes & District Radio Club has open nets from 10am on 3.790MHz every day except Sunday. The club is suspending the Tuesday and Thursdays Morse training schedules on 145.425MHz until the 3rd of August. Tam, 0775 352 6498.

Paisley Amateur Radio Club holds a net on Mondays from 8pm on 144.550MHz and on Zello. Tuesday sees a DMR net in room 4415 from 8pm. On Thursday, there is an FM net on 144.550MHz and on Zello from 7.30pm. Stuart, MM0PAZ, 0742 665 0757.

On Tuesday Dundee Amateur Radio Club will be holding a Skype meeting. Martin, 2M0KAU, 0776 370 8933.

Livingston & District Amateur Radio Society has a net on Tuesdays from 7.30pm on 145.575MHz FM. Wednesday sees a net on DMR Scotland TG23550 from 8pm. Cathie, 2M0DIB, 01506 433 846.

On Wednesday Lothians Radio Society has an SSB net on 144.350MHz from 8pm.

Mid Lanarkshire Amateur Radio Society takes part in the DMR Scotland net on TG23550 from 8pm on Wednesday. There is also a weekly net on Thursdays from 8pm on 70.425MHz Friday sees a Zello chat from 7pm, which then moves to GB3KV at 9.30pm. Click here for more information.

The Lomond Radio Club has now fully re-opened for meetings from 7pm on Thursday. Barrie,

On Friday Cockenzie & Port Seton Amateur Radio Club is having a normal club night at the Thorntree. The Club is participating in VHF Field Day on the 3rd and 4th of July. Bob, GM4UYZ, 01875 811 723.

On Friday, Strathclyde Park Amateur Radio Club, also known as SPARKS, has an FM net from 7.30pm on 145.400MHz, and also on the British Amateur Television Club channel from 8pm. Bill, MM0SFB,

To have your net listed on the WoSARS website or to report any changes to existing nets please contact Tony, MM0TMZ by email to Remember also to keep GB2RS updated via email to Please note that the deadline for submissions is 10am on Thursdays.

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