RSGB elections unopposed nominations

Presidential Election

There was only one nomination received so John McCullagh MBE, GI4BWM is elected unopposed for a two-year term.

John McCullagh MBE, GI4BWM

Curriculum Vitae: Licensed as GI4BWM in 1973 I have continued to be active mostly on the VHF and UHF bands. I became involved with the repeater scene in the late 70s when I constructed and installed the first repeater in NI. Appointed Chairman of the RSGB Repeater Management Committee (latterly the ETCC), I served for 12 years until 2017. I was subsequently co-opted unto the RSGB Board in October 2022. In my working life I was a radio communications professional in the emergency services in Northern Ireland. Retiring after almost 40 years as chief engineer to the service, I then worked overseas as an independent communications consultant.

Personal Statement: I have been a member of the RSGB for many years and served at committee chair level for twelve years, giving me an opportunity to meet many fellow Amateurs and learn what their problems and aspirations are. More recently I was co-opted unto the Board, and this has given me further insight into the structure and organisation of the Society which I believe will allow me, if selected as President, to look critically at ways of doing things better and more efficiently, particularly in these present times of financial stringency. Amateur Radio continues to face many challenges including the ever-increasing noise floor, the pressure on spectrum and dare I say the light touch regulation which does not always deliver the best results for our service. In my professional life I have had much experience in dealing with our regulators in their various iterations over the years and I would hope to put that knowledge gained to good use as we continue to press our case with Ofcom. It may be a cliché to say that Amateur Radio is at a crossroads, but it really is in all sorts of ways. I believe we need a strong and vibrant Society with good leadership to take us forward, and I will endeavour to do whatever is necessary to support the Board and the RSGB as we meet these challenges.


Regional Elections

There were Regional Representative vacancies for five Regions (Regions 3, 7, 8, 11 and 13).

Region 8

The only candidate for Region 8 was Michael Na bPiob, MI0HOZ so he is duly elected unopposed for a three-year term.

Michael Na bPiob, MI0HOZ

Curriculum Vitae: First licensed in 1994 in Dublin as EI2IE. Came fourth in the world in the IOTA contest in 1995. I took a break in the 2000’s to concentrate on work where I ran a computer shop for a few years. I then became MI0HOZ when I returned to the hobby. I was an active member of the West Tyrone Amateur radio club until the pandemic. Since normality I became secretary of the North West Group Amateur Radio Club. I’m active on CW, a keen Raynet member And I’ve read the news on DMR every Sunday for about 2 ½ years.

Personal Statement: If elected I plan to visit every club in the region and listen to every member. I hope to represent everyone and convince non-members to join the society. I’m very active on HF CW and I hope to encourage more activity on all bands and modes. I plan to report more club activity on the RSGB news and Radcom. As we see increased solar activity we will see an increase in interest in amateur radio so I hope to have a plan ready to help those interested get a license and see an increase in activity on the bands.


The terms of office for both roles above will commence at the AGM on 15 April 2023.