Your written questions – the answers

The RSGB 2021 AGM was held online in April, due to the COVID-19 restrictions in place

Members were invited to send in questions for RSGB Board Directors before the AGM, which were answered during the online event.

In successive issues of RadCom we are sharing the questions and answers so that everyone can see the topics discussed and the answers given.

You can see the questions below and the Board Director who answered each one.

Click through to the PDF to see the full answer.

You can view the whole of the AGM on the RSGB YouTube channel.

Your written questions to the RSGB Board – the answers

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a question.

  • How do you see the current licence structure and the failings of the three tier system towards progression and what are your thoughts on the ‘Beginners’ licence’ idea with a view as to what is good for the hobby?
    Kevin Stick, M0YRX – Answered by Dave Wilson, M0OBW (1-page/593KB PDF)
  • Are there any plans to update the website to make it more user-friendly and intuitive? Torin Storkey, MM7STK – Answered by Steve Thomas, M1ACB (1-page/593KB PDF)
  • What successful measures has the Board implemented to discourage contests from interfering with normal on air discussions, particularly at weekends, and contests dominating significant portions of intra-UK bands? Henry Ehm, M0ZAE – Answered by Stewart Bryant, G3YSX (1-page/625KB PDF)
  • Would the Board support more articles about HF and VHF contesting and contest stations and techniques in RadCom?
    Mike Franklin, G3VYI – Answered by Steve Thomas, M1ACB (1-page/625KB PDF)
  • I read avidly through the CVs and personal statements and was disappointed that not one of the candidates this year had a clear statement on the views of said person regarding recruiting and training of younger people. Not just children or teenagers, would also include persons up to say 25 or 30. Does the Board not have an established policy for this, to motivate these age groups more into amateur radio. Peter Ebsworth, G8CKB – Answered by Andy Mace, M0MUX (1-page/898KB PDF)
  • Does the Board consider that given the need for a positive working relationship with Ofcom, the RSGB is hampered in vigorously pursuing matters where Ofcom consistently fails in its legal duties, such as Ofcom’s lack of interest in exercising their statutory power and duties under international radio regulations, to protect the Amateur Radio Service from harmful interference and their imposition of disproportionate EMF requirements? John Fellow, G3YRZ – Answered by Dave Wilson, M0OBW and John Rogers, M0JAV (2-page/1.5MB PDF)
  • Contest Committee (CC) members are elected by the people they represent, usually on an annual basis. None of the present CC members have been elected but merely selected by existing CC members resulting in stagnant ideas and leaving people with the impression of ‘an old boys network’. There is no indication that a ‘churn’ as recommended has taken place recently. Will the Board please address this and implement election of CC members in the time-honoured way by voting. Robert Brown, M0ORO – Answered by Stewart Bryant, G3YSX (1-page/665KB PDF)