RSGB Strategy and Governance proposals

This consultation has now closed, the Society thanks everyone who took the time to participate in the discussion.

The starting point for these two consensus-forming consultations was the following document:

The consultation was open to all RSGB members.

The consultation commenced 12.00 BST on Saturday 7, July 2012 and closed at 12.00 BST on Monday, 20 August 2012.

A similar process to our other Litmus Tests was adopted whereby the discussion was facilitated by moderators who additionally had the task of calling the consensus view around two weeks before the end of the period.

The last two weeks were for any final comments.

The moderators for this consultation were Peter Martinez, G3PLX, Stewart Bryant, G3YSX and Alan Melia, G3NYK.

Strategy and Governance Litmus Test

We have archived the debate for your reference.