New 5 MHz NoV proposals

This Litmus Test is now closed. The updated draft reply from the RSGB, dated 18th March 2012, was forwarded to Ofcom on 28 March 2012.

Archive of the “Litmus Test” discussion

The problem that we would like to address is “how do we respond to the offer that has been made by the MoD”? This topic is open to all UK radio amateurs.

To answer this question there are two source documents to consider.

The above document is the starting point for the “Litmus Test” discussion.

16 February 2012 update: following the initial discussion the two Chairs for the discussion have agreed that the following updated draft reflects the general consensus within the discussion:

This is now open all to put your final comments concerning the draft.

The Litmus Test will use a web discussion forum to seek views and thus develop this draft reply. Two people will chair/moderate the discussion in order to keep the threads on-topic and to maintain the list etiquette. People who start to discuss an off-topic issue will be asked to move it to elsewhere, and/or raise the issue with the RSGB through the Have your Say facility. The list discussion will go live on Thursday 1 March, and will run for a few weeks to see if a consensus can be reached.


To Stewart Bryant, G3YSX and Peter Martinez, G3PLX would co-chaired the “Litmus Test” and to Colin Thomas, G3PSM who took the role of Document Editor.