Queen’s Diamond Jubilee QSO Party

The rules for the QSO party are as follows:

Please note that applications for the award can only be made by e-mail to QJqsopartyspacersgbcc.org—this e-mail address will be available in June and will remain open until the application deadline of 23.59 30th June 2012. It is planned that all logs will be processed and certificates e-mailed by end-September 2012.

Archive of the “Litmus Test” consensus discussion

The problem that we would like to address is “How do we design an on-air event that includes as many of us as possible, not a contest nor an award programme, but fundamentally a fun celebration within the UK and the Commonwealth to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee”.

The starting point for discussion is the following draft rules:

Following “Litmus Test” discussion the two chairs of the discussion have determined where consensus exists and developed the draft consensus, below:

The list discussion will run until Sunday 25 March, a deadline for final comments on the amended draft. The details will then be finalised and published in both the May edition of RadCom (which is published in mid-April) and this website.

Two people will chair the discussion in order to keep the threads on-topic and to maintain the list etiquette. People who start to discuss an off-topic issue will be asked to move it to elsewhere, and/or raise the issue with the RSGB through the Have your Say facility.


To Stewart Bryant, G3YSX and Ian Pawson, G0FCT would co-chaired the “Litmus Test” and to John Simkins, G8IYS who took the role of Document Editor.