Ofcom-Amateur consultations

Ofcom consulted on a series of topics during 2013 and 2014 that had a direct effect on amateur radio in the UK and the changes were reflected in a re-issue of the amateur licence in 2015.

On the sub pages you will find archived:-

  • 2013 Pre-consultation preparation exercise (inc Litmus Test)
  • 2014 Licence Review Consultation – inc RSGB Forum, Commentary and Response Guidance
  • 2015 Implementation Phase

Following the above, by Summer 2016, updated Ofcom Licensing Guidance and online IT systems enabled completion of the changes.


Litmus Test usage

The Litmus Test is intended to be an online place where members and often non-members can have a friendly discussion on matters of importance that relate to our amateur interests in radio communication.  We therefore expect all participating to accept and adhere to our Internet Guidelines.