UK Six Metre Group

The UK Six Metre Group (UKSMG) is dedicated to promoting 50MHz activity around the world. The group has around 600 members.

The Six Metre (50 MHz) band can be exciting and frustrating in equal measure but it’s never dull. Despite what you might have heard, it’s far from dead despite the current poor solar cycle. Sporadic-E, the main mode for working long distances on six metres, is not dependent on solar activity and if anything it seems to be slightly better at solar minimum. Working DX on 50 MHz is never going to be as easy as on 20m but that’s the whole point – if it was easy, it wouldn’t be half as much fun. When the band is open, you’ll quickly realise why it’s called ‘The Magic Band’!

Sponsorship is one of the key services provided by UKSMG and has been since the group’s inception. There is no fixed budget for this service. However the amounts awarded have remained fairly similar year on year. Groups or individuals are invited to apply for sponsorship through the website here however, an email to the sponsorship manager will also start the ball rolling. There are a few caveats that we place upon recipients of our funds however these are not onerous and may be found on the group website.

The group also runs a number of contests during the summer and winter months and various awards are available. These are often awarded at the biennial UK 6m BBQ which is sponsored by the group.

Membership of the group includes a quarterly magazine “Six News” which is available both in printed and electronic only format depending on the level of membership.

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