International Short Wave League

The International Short Wave League (ISWL) was formed in 1946 and for 68 Years has provided facilities enabling members around the world to enjoy their hobby to the great advantage to themselves and fellow enthusiasts.

Unlike most radio societies, the League effectively caters for members interested in both the Amateur and Broadcast Bands, membership being equally open to licensed amateurs and Short Wave Listeners world-wide. The International Short Wave League is a non profit making organisation, run by volunteers who are elected by the League’s members.

ALL of our members can participate in a full contest and awards programme.

Our awards are also available to non members and can be posted world-wide.

Following enquiries from Amateur Radio Clubs and Societies etc., regarding Affiliated membership of the ISWL, the League’s Council has approved such membership.

Clubs and other Radio organisations are very welcome to join the League.

A leaflet has been prepared to outline what the ISWL has to offer, to both Individual members and Affiliated Clubs and Societies.


Due to the rising price of Paper, Ink and Postage etc, we have introduced an “Electronic membership”. Membership rates for this class of member are shown on the application form. The monthly “Monitor” magazine is sent out to your email address in PDF format. By applying for Electronic membership, you are agreeing NOT to post the magazine on WebPages, or to circulate it to non members without prior permission. (Its is essential that you keep us informed of your current email address). Please download an information sheet and membership application form from our website