The RAIBC is the charity working for amateurs with disabilities.

Amateur radio often appeals to people with disabilities as it enables communication without leaving the home. It is a way to ‘travel’ the world and meet its inhabitants despite ones health problems. It is also an excellent form of self education in communications equipment, electronics and the effect of the weather and the sun on communications. Much, if not all, of this can be accomplished and enjoyed no matter what ones disabilities are. In addition there is no minimum activity required. An amateur can do as much or as little as they like or are able to do. Great satisfaction and enjoyment can and will be had.

Amateurs are able to enjoy the hobby despite many different problems. Those with visual impairments, speech impediments, hearing loss, paralysis and many other difficulties can and do enjoy amateur radio.

How can RAIBC help?

We have years of experience in assisting people to become amateurs. We can provide the license course material in an audio format. We can also provide transmitting or receiving equipment to eligible members. The equipment can be adapted to ensure that a persons disabilities do not become an obstacle to operating a radio. For example providing a radio with a voice chip which will “speak” the frequency and mode that is in use. We can also provide lots of advice on what equipment to use, aerials to put up and of course a group of like minded individuals who understand each others problems.

The RAIBC has a a free helpline: 0800 028 8660 or visit their website: www.raibc.org.uk